lateral transfer

hi all,

anyone else recently applied for the lateral transfer scheme, if so whats your current status etc.... or any hints as to what the interview is like.

have only recently put the application in myself and waiting with anticipation.
Hi there, I am at the second stage now (Just sent off my military history etc), what else is involved and how long would the process take??
Hi Mate, congratulations, you now have to provide copies of CRs and a letter of introduction, then called forward for interview inLondon at NZ Embassy. The process can take 8 months to 2 years, depend on your health and families health etc also applying for visas is done separate to your app to join the Army. Id be interested to know who you want to join. Just beware promotion is slow here for us brits!! also cost of living is pricey, out doors is good though. Also beware that the army is going thru a lot of change, and looking to get more involved with the US BRits etc. Moral is pretty low amongest the troops. especially in the infantry. The engrs are a good bunch of lads but they are suffering with lots getting out to go mining in Australia. The Int side is healthy with lots of opportunities. Also remember you are more than likley to drop a rank, which in it self is not bad, just realise you might have to work for a muppet who has never deployed anywhere but regards himself as superior to you (this gets on ur tits after a while). I understand that the Aussies are recruting too, its a bigger army and better resourced, so also worth you having a look. All The best G
Hi twlldin01 I am looking at joining what wever is available, I have been necky and applied for commision. They havent said no yet!!! I am happy to go either way but will wait and see what happens.
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