Lateral transfer ??

Just a quick one for you guys. Do you know if the US Armed Forces has a lateral transfer program for the Brits similar to the Aussies and Canadians.

If it does any details would be highly appreciated.

(Royal Engineers)


Not sure if its a transfer or discharge and enlist type affair!
thanks guys this was the first thread I saw when I opened this board to do some digging. Have now waded through all 16 pages and the situation's as clear as mud.

Saw the following post on this thread

Chaz said:
Actually I was approached the other month by a chap in the German paras who is was up on a drink driving charge. He was cleared but may still be getting the mil boot. He asked if I new whether a EC citizen could join/transfer to US airborne. So I checked with a few US vets and got the recruitment contact here in Germany. Wef 01.01.09 there is a new US law. No green card needed. You can join the US forces and get automatic US citizenship. They even finance an English language course for non-brit applicants. You start with a clean slate though - apparently no experience recognised - I would have thought that the annual amount of jumps a para does would count though.
So it was certainly possible 12 months ago but unless anyone's got any more information I think I'll have to stick to the original plan and visit a recruitment office when I visit my old man over there later in the year.

Does anyone know where I stand with my grandfather having been a resident since 1985 and my Dad now being married to an American having been living there since the late 80's/early 90's
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