Lateral Transfer to the New Zealand Army


I am interested in applying for the New Zealand Army and it seems this site is one of the very few that can provide some insight as what to expect from the application process and what it is like to live in New Zealand.

I am currently a Regimental Training Officer in the British army. I am a Lt that commissioned into the RLC from the ranks after 5 years service reaching LCpl. I have been in the army for nearly 8 years, a Driver and Air Despatcher by trade until I commissioned. I have now decided that I would like to immigrate to New Zealand if the opportunities suit my family. I am married with 2 children and would like to provide a better outdoor lifestyle for them whilst maintaining a career in the military.

I spent my youth in South Africa so the outdoor lifestyle is calling and SA is not an option for obvious reasons.

Okay enough about me.

I have some questions if anyone minds having a stab at answering them for me.
1. Logistics is my specialty but it seems I would become a General List Officer, how often would I be posted and where to? How often do you deploy on exercises and are they for prolonged periods?
2. General List Officer, could you provide a little description of what extremes this goes to for example Infantry one posting to Transport the next.
3. Schools for children and standard of schooling at postings?
4. I have no equity in any property so I would be coming with some savings but nothing substantial. Knock on effect what type of property could I afford on a Lt salary assuming they will not accept me as a Capt ( Due promotion April next year).
5. My wife is a Senior Healthcare Assistant specialising in aged care. Are there employment opportunities for spouse's?
6. Finally is the lifestyle much better even after the honeymoon period?

Sorry if that seems a bit full on but all the help I can get to make this decision would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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