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Hi all, I'm new to the forum and I'm in search of some answers. I've visited a few times previously, and I've tried a search of this topic, but most info seems to be about a reverse scenario to my circumstances. I'm currently a serving Australian Army officer. I am a Captain in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps, and I'm currently serving on operations overseas. My wife and I will be moving to the UK at the end of 2012 for her work, and I have started the process of doing an exchange with a UK regiment. After some long chats, and recalibration of life plans, we've decided it would be better for me to laterally transfer to the British Army (I know this might seem to be a surprise, mostly it seems to go the other way). I've found out very little, and even when I was in London last year and visited the careers office to find out more about this idea they mostly shrugged their shoulders and passed me on to various other people who sent me back the other way. I would like very much to be able to come across and retain my commission (after all, it's also from the Queen... and I know that it's been done before). Furthermore, I've seen the various criteria for officer recruiting including residing in the UK for a minimum of 5 years (waived under certain circumstances). I have an ancestry visa, and would not be coming in requiring training at RMA. The British Army would be getting a qualified, security cleared, fit, healthy, operationally experienced, commissioned light infantry officer with a specialisation in specialist combat communications - for free. Would this be the kind of "circumstances" that would qualify for special treatment. I don't like the idea of having to do 5 years in the TA just to prove I'm not a jerk before going Reg. I need to know the best first steps to get this started, and as the process would not be the same as going through RMA, how would I go about finding a posting (or unit willing to accept an annoying Australian in the officer's mess). I would like to have some ability to direct my life with regards to initial posting location as this will make significant changes to my wife's working plans (at least initially), and I'm very aware that the Regimental system fairly well dictates posting locations (unlike here, where you join a Regiment which stretches across the entire country - which is a fairly large area) . I'm sure most of the answers will be 'go to Army recruiting', but with my prior experiences with both Australian and British recruiting, I know that sometimes you have to do most of the leg work yourself. Any advice would be very appreciated. Cheers Nick
Given that the British army is massively downsizing at the moment, and that many British infantry captains are likely to be out on their arrse in the next couple of years I don't know how much scope for lateral transfer there is. I'm sure someone has an answer from recent experience, just bear in mind that we are about to get hit with infantry battalions being lost left right and centre so it might be worth waiting until the dust settles a little.
Ack Cheers Silly question I'm sure... But is there anywhere that could be considered a 'safe' regiment to hide from the cut backs? My only saving grace is having the ability to go home if it all turns out badly and take up a slot in the ADF again.


The 'ethnic' Guards battalions are probably safe enough, and the Para Regt, but a good chance of being downsized elsewhere: I think we're supposed to get an overview tomorrow.

Essentially, it is possible to transfer across but it's a tough time to do it. You would probably need to go to Westbury for a transfer board if they decide to take a look at you.
Well, I got an answer by being annoying and calling everyone I could until somebody took up the case. Thanks to ****** from ***** for his help. Here is the answer for anybody else in the same boat as me. ...... (Directly cut from the email forwarded to me from *****) "He would transfer direct into the British Army, if accepted, not resign and reapply. He would be considered by the Transfer Board at AOSB who would decide if he was acceptable in principle and then whether he need attend full AOSB MB, and/or RMAS, or transfer direct. The sponsor to AOSB has to be a Regt or Corps, nothing to do with RG, and therefore his first step is to approach Regts or Corps to find one who would be happy to accept him in that Regt/Corps and sponsor him to AOSB. If he is unable to find a sponsor regt/corps he has no other way of seeking a transfer to the British Army. He should be made aware that seeking a sponsor regt, presumably Infantry, can be a long process and he might have to be prepared to approach several, including non-Infantry, before being successful, and that at a time of reductions and redundancies when regts are being forced to lose good officers it will be extremely difficult to find any regt/corps prepared to take someone in from outside. No need for any approach to British High Commission. ******************** Army Officer Careers Adviser
I don't want to start crayoning all over the thread with irrelevant stuff...but the possibility they could put you all the way back to Main Board seems more than a little harsh!
I don't want to start crayoning all over the thread with irrelevant stuff...but the possibility they could put you all the way back to Main Board seems more than a little harsh!
Well, yes it does seem harsh. The idea of having to sit a selection board again, and then possibly attend RMA despite being an RMC graduate is a little off putting. But there you go. If they say they're the rules, then we've got to stick to them.
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