Lateral Transfer to ADF...Questions!

Discussion in 'Australia' started by RAF_Nurse!, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. Good afternoon,

    I am an RAF Nurse looking at transfer to the Aus Army Nursing Corps.
    I would like to ask someone a few questions about the process, timescales, costs, training, likely postings for nurses, lifestyle, families issues, effect on UK Mil pension, etc.
    I am looking for assistance with making contact with an Aus Army nurse (preferably also a Lat Transferee) so that I can pick their brains about trade-related matters also.

    I would prefer to do this via private message for privacy sake.

  2. Not without pictures.
  3. LoL! (seriously)...
  4. OK. Seriously, not without pictures.
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  5. Mate you musta scared her off coming on strong with all those links????
    Good work anyway I hope she checks them out.
  6. RAF_Nurse!, check your PMs.