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Hello all
My Family and I are looking to do the lateral transfer the Australian REME, I am a VMA Sgt, with 2 ½ years service left, it’s been on our minds for some time now, But as the time, to start the paper trail is drawing closer I am after some personal feedback from families and fellow ex REME Tradesman that have made the move south or indeed returned disgruntled. I am after any feedback good or bad, from you or your family, are you still serving past the 5 years? What’s the country like on the whole, is it straight forward getting a visa, basically all the questions you had before you moved south. Am happy for private replies or just post a few comments back on this post.

Thanks In Advance
HI, I suggest a good starting point is

They have a whole host of useful info, and on the Ozzie page, I know for a fact there are a few squaddies who are doing the same thing as you.

Hi Gorbalds,
I've been here since Sep 06 and I'm having a ball - lifestyle is great, Aussies are friendly and generally happy to have us here, they get a lot of knowledge from us (they don't always use it, but they get it). I've also learned a lot from them as they have several good systems in place and a different view on the world of maintenance.

It isn't all beer and skittles though, I get frustrated sometimes at the lack of 'bollocks' some of the hierarchy show with regard to operational /exercise repairs. I find the Aussies a bit 'Americanised' in their military culture - reliant on those above them to make (in my view) simple engineering decisions.

One good point is the ease of ordering and receiving parts (the URS works with the Workshop and is not integral to the Regiment (URS Storemen are RAAOC badged).
Also they ensure user maintenance is done - each item has a user inspection form which is archived, so you can track down the idiot who forgot to fill the diff before exercise etc.

As I am Canadian says, britishexpats is a good place for info.

I'm off overseas shortly, so internet access may be affected for a while, however feel free to PM me if you like.
Like Nige, I came across in Oct 06 and both family and I are loving every moment of it. We are in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney with the beaches of Coggee, Maroubra and Cronulla on our doorstep, not bad after a not so hard day at work.

The move across can be a little mind numbing with loads of steps to get through but they do help you all the way and make it so easy to get your family out here. Once you are here though it can be a different story.

I am a VM by trade and they have put me in a RAAOC job in a HQ looking after their Reserve units, counting blankets is my thing now. They seem to put the lateral transfers into positions that they cant fill with their own, but thankfully this only happens for the first posting.

Will be around for the next year so if you need any more info just PM me for more info.
Thanks Pom827. cheers for the info, always nice to here a thumbs up, - the blanket stacking lol. least we get to see whats its like the other side of the counter.
Thanks again,
Another good forum for this is Poms In Oz - look on their migration forum. A whole thread for ADF transfers. Loads of good info.
yorkhooker said:
Another good forum for this is Poms In Oz - look on their migration forum. A whole thread for ADF transfers. Loads of good info.
Any chance of a link please? Can't seem to find the thread. Cheers.

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