Lateral thinking footballers please!

Now then, what the fcuk could this be about?........

It's quite simple, and I'm being both idle and dim (not being of a round ball persuasion): I'm trying to complete a Pub Quiz set by my local. I need the names of two football teams please (from the British Isles); the clues are:

1. 'Smashes up cars'

2. 'Dillon's side kick'

To give you a steer, others have been:
'Heavy weight toilet' = Luton
'Cotton factories barrier' = Millwall
'Professor of rollers' = Doncaster

I've got to hand it in tonight, so any help gratefully received!
1 Wrexham?

2 If this refers to the television series 'Gunsmoke', Matt Dillon's sidekick was Doc Adams. How you get a football team out of that I don't know.
Funnily enough, Wrexham had crossed my mind - but I can't justify it. I've been pondering teams that are So-and-so Rovers, or have 'ford' in their name, but am at a stand still. Re Gunsmoke - good one, but how do we get a soccer team out of it? Fcuk knows!
It's not Doc Adams it's Chester as played by Dennis Weaver who later became McCloud. Hope this helps.

Isn't Wrexham (=wrecks 'em) close enough? Still pondering on the other without much luck. Still, better than working.
Ahh Diehard, thanks! I was locked into thinking about the earlier episodes - completely forgot about that.

Bugger, this means I've got to do some work now.
Top fellow, that man from the 4th Battalion!! - Are you really that old? Thank you very much!!

Wrexham is a hot favourite, but I'm now thinking of Scarborough - anagram of 'CARS' at the front?

Vauxhall? Rovers? Ford? Jeez

Carluke Rovers, Peebles Rovers, Threave Rovers, Auchinleck Talbot, Tarff Rovers, - Does anyone speak Scottish? If so, do any of the above mean 'to smash up' in Garlic?
Has Bangor got a team?

Stock car racing.....?

Derby - rings a bell for car racing?

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