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Discussion in 'Australia' started by South_Bound, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. As suggested in the main 'Transferring' sticky, this thread could be used for chat, best wishes, random questions about visa process etc and we could try to keep the main thread for useful stuff.

    Can't make you use it, but they do have a point about how it has grown over the past month!
  2. Groundhog got in...
  3. Congrats Groundhog, good buzz isnt it?
  4. Good idea guys though I think we could make the ladies feel welcome still!!

    Congrats Groundhog!!

    Eric cheers for the email I will keep in touch!!

    Certainly I would admit to some gayness and frivolity in the past.
  5. Gayness and frivolity???? Don't remember mentioning that in my email???

    If the Aussies had Marines you'd be well qualified. :D
  6. congrats to all those who have been sucessful today
  7. I am all over it!! Black Sussies already packed!!

    I can say that can't I!?!
  8. well done gh we are very pleased for you, not sure whether or not i was to comment on other thread but o/h as MRS FUTUREOZ
  9. well this has turned into a sad situation cant believe know one would want to chat, we all kept each other very optamistic before the interviews started and now it's ended. this is not a competetion, we should be helping one another questions being whatever, support visa and so on maybe things can get back to normal because most of us men and women included feel no comments can be made if questions had been answered in first place not with sarcasim and ridicule we all want to help each other as i feel we had a good rappore going, HOPEFULLY, we can all get to grips and stop being silly MRS FUTUREOZ
  10. Hi GUys

    Yeah its a great buzz but i am just sitting back and taking it all in at the mo. I was advised to not do anything until the formal letter comes through in Oct/Nov so that is what I am doing. I have got the forms for the police checks but I am going to waut a month or 2 before submitting them.

    South Bound is on today so good luck mate.

    Thanks to all the guys who have bothered to give advice abd i shall monitor this thread constantly to see if i can help in any way ( iam currently an RCMO therefore i am up to date on discharge procedures.

    Give me a shout if anyone needs advice or phone numbers at DM(A).


  11. Mrs FutureOz,

    Good to see your still here. I hope the other ladies feel able to come back to this Forum at some point in the future they are welcome. I certainly want my wife to feel welcome. Southbounds chat window is a good idea as we wouldn't want to upset the old and grumpy amongst us. That being said they did have a valid point some of us have put some bone comments down myself probably at the forefront!

    Its fair to say we are all going in the main to different jobs with different timelines and certainly some of us have been told to do different things in preparation we perhaps shouldnt get too caught up in what other man or woman is doing and do whats right for us.

    As for it being quiet everyone is probably awaiting the formal offer at the moment having filled in as many forms as they can.

    Groundhog - Well done and congratulations to you and your family.

    Best of luck to the rest of the Rodney's!!
  12. Hello, first post in a few days, busy days @ that. Just curious, are any of the rest of you from/based in Northern Ireland at the moment, or are we the only ones? :p
  13. Quick question, as, afterall that's what this new thread was created for. I'm aware of costs for meds/pcc's/x rays etc, but can't find anywhere how much the actual visa will cost to submit?
  14. Jen

    The cost of the visa is AU$ 1350.

  15. Great stuff, ta :)

    Our Meds, including X rays are coming to about £360 all in, so not bad for 2 people!