Lateral Recruiting 2011-2012

Discussion in 'Australia' started by ORFIS, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. Could I suggest that this is used for the latest batch of recruitment chat / advice -

    Firstly - 128 pages of the previous thread will make you go blind if you start from page 1!
    Secondly - the visa/recruiting process has changed so some of the information will be well out of date.

  2. For those of you with families with special needs thinking about making the to these people

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to post this so that people know that the Defence Special Needs Support Group can provide comprehensive assistance for families who have special needs moving to or from Australia. We have well established networks and links and a large database of information covering all things 'special needs'. We don't work for Defence and our all volunteers who either care for someone with special needs or have special needs ourselves. For more information please contact the National Office on 1800 037 674 or email or go onto our website

    Special needs is just not for children it includes spouses, it also isn't just for those with disabilities but also included those children with high IQs.

    Prepared families find the transition easier.
  3. Hi,

    I have just submitted my full application (fingers crossed) and was wondering what the big changes are in the process from 2 years ago? I know there is a very short timeline this time round but thats all the info I have been given


  4. They're taking a hell of lot less than before, so cross your toes as well as your fingers. Good luck though, I've just sent mine too
  5. And good luck to you! unless your competing for the same jobs of course!!
  6. CS Operator. Yourself?
  7. YofS! even were not holy nowadays, but going for CS Op or EW Op
  8. Err... Sorry people I dont want to burst all of your balloons but the Convict Army is pretty much full at the moment. There are loads of wide eyed ocker digger wannabes waiting to fill the vacancies also.

    Had it on good authority (Brother In law is in a senior recruitment position with Aus Army) that Kapooka is struggling to cope with an influx of new recruits. Realise that some of yous are quite specialised but the golden days of easy transfers are over.

    The mining boom down here meant that many would leave the ranks in order to get the big pay check, but because Aus Army pays so well (Tax free money on tour?!) and because of instability on civvy street and BIG retention bonuses for the old and bold many are staying put in all arms and corps.

    When Aus pulls the pin on the Ghan in 2014 they may well be mass exodus from the ranks but considering you can stay in well past the 22 year mark I'll wager many will beacause of pay and conditions.
    (Aus Army simply pisses all over Brits in terms of Pay and conditions and Lifestyle. IMO its more like a 9-5 job. There are civvy unarmed gate guards ffs! "strewth guard duty what's that?")

    Any way good luck one and all you might get in
  9. I was under the impression that the positions identified for Lateral Transfer were to be made up from the Brit Army, subject to passing all the selection criteria. Once finalised and a letter of offer was accepted then posted directly to the gaining unit with all relevant trade/skill sets converted to the appropriate ECN. If you have a Commission and/or Warrant they can't take that away, as for NCO's not too sure if you keep your rank or revert one hook.

    X Squadie your mate may be confusing with recruits coming off civie Strauss and going through 1RTB, IET's etc were their numbers are against ECN positions to be filled from PTE.

    Just my impressions of the scheme.
  10. Well I've applied anyway, so we'll have to wait and see how the dice lands. Don't ask don't get, and all that
  11. Yup me too, plus if you read into their version of the SDSR the ADF is expanding even with the drawdown of Afg and changing for light to medium role. Can only give it a go!!!
  12. We came over last year and would just like to confirm that the Lateral program IS back on for certain skills. Happy to talk with anyone who needs/wants advice.

    Good luck to everyone and hope to see you this side for a beer.
  13. Is your opinion based on experience? My opinion, based on experience, is that it is far from a 9-5 job.
    Expect 4-5 months on exercise, if you aren't on an Op Tour. On return to Bks expect a bit of overtime and a smattering of bull s-it.
    It's not all bad though, I still reckon the lifestyle is better than the one I left 5 yers ago... :)
  14. Lets be clear, the Lateral Transfer scheme is not only for ex British Army, recruits can come from several countries.
  15. x Rifles pr*ck should read the news before spouting cr*p and making himself look like a total mong!