Lateral Application Process - applied September 2009

Discussion in 'Australia' started by adeybruce, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Firstly, well done to the guys on the forum who have made it through the process and have secured places in the ADF. By charting your progress you have given others a great help. I am at the initial stages of the application and hoped that it would be useful to get others together who are also at the early stages, though any help from the 'old hands' would be gratefully appreciated.

    So this is where I am so far ... I emailed the Lateral Transfer Cell with my expression of interest and they sent back a pack of info to fill out and return to them; the covering email from them is below and details what is required. After several weeks of form filling, and waiting for my latest CR I sent the stuff off by email and I have been told to wait up to 4 weeks to see if they have a vacancy for me (presumably based on age, rank, experience, past performance etc). 2 weeks so far, and no amount of email checking is making the initial reply come any quicker. At that point, as I understand it, I can get 2 answers. NO, which means NO (for ever) or 'You're through to the next stage, go fill out some more forms!' [Update: It would appear that a number of people have been turned down have told they can reapply again later. A friend who applied in Sep 09 was told to reapply in May 10; odd at this places back on the same timeline for the August interviews]

    Hope that this helps. Is anyone else applying at the moment?

    I Thank you for your enquiry into applying for the Australian Regular Army (ARA) as an Officer.

    To assess your application the Director of Officer Career Management Army (DOCM-A) requires a range of information. Firstly it would be appreciated if you could send a Resume/CV including the following:

    personal details,
    operational experience,
    posting history, and
    Military courses and qualifications.

    You should also include copies of the following documents when returning your Resume/CV:

    annual reports (minimum of two current reports),[subsequently told 3]
    references, and
    course reports/qualifications gained.

    The information needs to be sent to Lateral Recruitment Cell, DOCM-A, R8-8-036, Russell Offices, CANBERRA ACT 2600 (in hard copy format), alternatively you can email scanned copies direct to [I have removed email address it contains personal info]

    General Information
    · DOCM-A appoints overseas officers under a Labour Agreement with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). This allows us to be your sponsor for immigration purposes, which also means we can appoint you before you are an Australian citizen provided you elect to apply for citizenship within 3 months of appointment. Under the Labour Agreement you will be eligible to apply at this point, rather than wait the usual 12 months. It is important to note that we sponsor you and your dependents that will travel with you to Australia.
    · DOCM-A appoints an applicant on an initial 6 year short service commission, with a 3 year Return of Service Obligation (ROSO) and Initial Minimum Period of Service (IMPS). The ROSO is applied because we pay for your travel and removal (including your dependents) from origin to posted locality in Australia.
    · Please be aware that the lateral transfer process can take up to 12 - 18 + months to complete. The general process for all this to occur is:

    You submit a CV and Report History to DOCM-A for review (see details requested above).
    The applicable Career Advisor reviews and makes a recommendation for further processing.
    If approved, DOCM-A then sends you a detailed application pack, DCO and medical documentation which is resubmitted to DOCM-A.
    In order to be appointed you must pass a range of checks:

    DOCM-A check that you are generally suitable and positions do exist for employment (please be aware that in order to meet the caveats of the labour agreement a vacant position must exist that cannot be filled by an Australian citizen). For specialists this may require a Head of Corps assessment. In the case of Aviation Applicants the training school will need to confirm they will recognise the flying skills of the applicant or what remedial assessments they would need to achieve prior to becoming acceptable.
    Defence Community Organisation (DCO) will conduct a welfare and family check to confirm if you and your family are fully aware of the consequences of relocating.
    The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Defence Force Recruiting will review the medical documentation you submit (this includes pathology tests). You must satisfy the ADF Entry Level Medical Assessment (this is one of the forms we send out). The medical can become a friction point in the process if the CMO has queries on a particular medical issue and requires further specialist reports.
    If all initial clearances are achieved, we then schedule an interview. We prefer these interviews to be conducted on a face to face basis with an ADF Officer (we conduct interviews in Jul/Aug of each year in central London). Where we cannot achieve this, we will schedule a telephone interview with you and the Selections Board President. [told they no longer do telephone interviews]

    If you present well at the Selection Board (you will receive feedback on the day), we will then send out an Offer of Employment.
    Once you return a signed copy of the Offer of Employment we are then able to submit our application for immigration sponsorship with DIAC (this can take 3 months + to be issued).
    As soon as we receive the immigration sponsorship, we send a copy to you. You then apply for your Permanent Residency VISA (this can take 3 months + to be issued).
    At about this time the Australian High Commission/Embassy will contact you and commence administrative preparations for travel, removals, housing and the actual appointment.
    As soon as the VISA is issued, administration is finalised. You travel to the Australian High Commission/Embassy Location and are appointed by an Australian Officer (please note that you must be sworn in outside of Australia, due to DIAC/Labour Agreement requirements).
    Usually a day or two after being appointed, you and your family (as applicable) travel to Australia.
    On arrival in Australia you are met by the gaining unit and commence integration into The Australian Army.
    I hope this provides you with a bit of information on what the process entails. Please feel free to contact me at any time regarding this process.
  2. Adey

    I have just gone through the process having been at the interviews this August. The second recruiting pack is a little more specific in that it takes a slightly different tack to the first. If you get the second pack then they ( The ADF) are obviously interested in you. Although its not a given that your in just because you are at the interview stage. Out of the 4 being interviewed on my day 2 were turned down.

    The interviews in London were a very informal affair. The Aussies make you feel very welcome and there are no trick questions.

    Get used to waiting for emails though. Nothing is rushed. It all happens but in their time.

    To give you an idea of time frames:

    Aug 08 - Sent initial email of interest
    Oct 08 - Recieved first recruiting pack
    Dec 08 - Recieved second pack
    May 09 - Got email informing me that my application was being carried forward adn that I will be interviewed in August ( no date)
    Jul 09 - Got given interview date for August.
    Aug 09- Interviews in London. Offered a Post in AAAvn.
    Present - waiting for formal offer to come through- was told to expect it in Oct/Nov.

    Just get used to waiting a bit mate. I am an LE officer and am waiting for my T & C from the Aussies.

    After the interviews a merit board is held in Aus to decide your seniority and contract.

    Hope this helps

  3. GH. Thanks for the info, very useful to see your timeline. So frustrating waiting for emails to arrive; when you come to a decision to change your families lives forever, you kind of what it to all happen all a bit quicker! I accept your point - if I'm struggling with 2 weeks (so far) then it's going to be a long haul. Well done and best of luck to you. Do I recall that you are an RCMO? I might have to PM you for advice (hopefully) in a few months!
  4. Adey

    Yes please do. There has just been a policy shift in the notice required to PVR which may well you.

    If you have passed your IPP then you only have to give 3 months notice.

    PM me if you need any help.

  5. E-Layer, thanks for the info. During the brief did they give any idea of Officer recruiting, the step from Officer to Corporal is a bit of leap, and clearly I'd be useless!

    GH, yes I've heard of the change of termination policy, but I'm a frustrating 15 months from my IPP! I'll have to hang on.
  6. Is that just for Offrs or does it apply to OR's as well?
  7. Speaking to Glasgow, I believe that the policy applies to all but you will have to sign a waiver as you may not have enough time to complete resettlement. One word of caution, under the current circumstances if you press the Terminate button on JPA, there is absolutely no way that you will be able to change your mind - just make sure you don't have an ND with the keyboard!
  8. Adey is correct. This does apply to ORs as well. I have had guys out of the Army in 2 weeks ( to allow for the clearance process) as long as they have a written offer of employment. And yes they do waiver all rights to resettlement. This refers to all ORs not just those past their IPP, although getting to your IPP is advisable. In my experience of dealing with the APC (lots) they are very helpful in releasing personnel that have a genuine reason to go early ( DM(A)A are also v helpful).

    Hope this helps.

  9. E-Layer, again thanks for your offer of help; I'll hold out PMing until I know if I am through to the next round! It's almost been 4 weeks since submitting my initial application, so I have a very expectant inbox.
  10. Whilst I'm still waiting for news as to whether I am past the first hurdle, I have just heard from a friend who applied to the ADF a few days after me. He got an email last week with the bad news that there was not a vacancy with his background/specialization at present. He was invited to apply again in a year or so if he is still interested/if there are vacancies. He is a Major in the loggies, and high quality at that. So, really a little depressed, both for him and for what I might guess will be a similar answer for me. I will post the news when I get it.
  11. I'm a signals tech and I first filled out the application pack back in April.
    I received an email from the RA Sigs WO2 recruitment who required a bit more info about my quals in July
    This information was sent back and he emailed back to say he had recommended me for a position as a tech in the RA Sigs as my quals lined up with their techs.
    Last week i received the dreaded letter of rejection. It stated "a whole number of applicants that are highly qualified apply each year, I'm sorry to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful due to there being no vacancies in the trade that I have applied for"

    Obviously gutted with this news so I contacted the Lateral transfer cell and the explanation they gave was pretty much as said above.

    "Due to the current economic climate in Australia, any former members of the ADF are re-applying and any members that had signed off have now signed back on".

    Quite simply, they just don't have the jobs available now. I was told I would be better off re-applying in 18 months as they can't see things changing any sooner.
  12. Well, despite all expectations to the contrary, I got an email this morning saying that I am through to the next stage and for me to fill out a pile more paperwork. I'm absolutely delighted.
  13. Congrats Adey!

    ScaleyTech - Keep the faith. They are interested or they wouldn't have asked you to drop them a line in 18 months. Obviously don't know you but, you could perhaps improve your profile with a civil qual or three and/or possibly think of different careers paths in the ADF you may be able to map you experience or expertise to. I believe there are a few people who move over to train in something completely different.
  14. my civ quals now include BTEC HNC in telecomms engineering, City and Guilds Fibre optics, C&G 17th edition wiring regulations, C&G foundation electrician and 'PART P' certified domestic electrician.

    probably more than a lot of techs but I think my application was just too late, I was number 265/09. If they only take a small amount of techs a year, maybe others we're accepted before my app was looked at. Who knows, just wasn't meant to be I guess :(