"Late Victorian Holocausts" ?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by KGB_resident, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. This information is something new for me. It is true?


    The author of the article suggests that too few in the UK know these facts. Is he right?


    But WW2 (an important event in the British history) happened exactly in 'the Hitler years'. And I don't understand how it possible 'to move away from concentrating too much' on concentration camps.
  2. well KGB, all I will say is are you "Giddy with Success"?
  3. Until we know that they are 'facts', no. This time of year is the time we get all sorts of filler articles. Be interesting to see what 'facts' he could dream up/substantiate about, say, Gulags to suit his agenda, income on a per word basis and thin news time. Also, the period back then (Indian starvation) was quite different. Even Dwyer was regarded as hero when he got back from Amritsar. Cardigan stood trial for attacking Russian guns with Light Brigade and was found not guilty. Blowing mutineers away from barrel of cannon was also acceptable back then. We were what we were.
  4. thanks for informing us that WW2 is "an important event in the British history"
  5. IndianaDel!

    What do you mean by the success? As for me then this word hardly could be used in the context of this thread. So I'm simply unable to be 'giddy'.

    I suspected that there were crimes (including war crimes) in British colonial pasts. Being aware about Boer war I was sufficiently prepared but anyway the facts (in Gardian's article) are new for me. Do you familiar with them too?

    PS. Btw, how many native Americans are living in Indiana now?
  6. Hmmm then KGB, you do not know your Stalin
  7. Hi Dutybooty!

    Thanks for correction.

    Yes, I should wrote "absolutely unimportant event" (as it follows form declared policy).
  8. I would like to asure you that as Russian I know history of my Motherland well enough.

    My point: attention to Stalin's atricities (they took place of course) was (and is) so huge because of political reasons (even now, then communism is dead in Russia).

    Do you agree with me, that other atrocities were put in the shadow and are hardly known in the West?
  9. I agree that History is both subjective as well as Objective. As to the Histriography of the quoted articles, I will have to look in to that.
  10. We were what we were. Couldn't agree more. But should our children forget about it.

    I feel something wrong here. Am I right?
  11. Hadnt got a clue about it .Did know there was a famine during ww11
    as well which was probably our fault as well . If the powers that be could let the Irish starve , And clear the scots off their land .Certainly starving the Indians would not upset anyone .
    History is a big subject ww11 is important as is the empire . But going down the path of mel gibsons version of the english are complete bastards
    is as inacurate as how the english civilised the world
  12. The winners never get taken to War Crimes courts.
    Irish potato famine - there has been some revisionist history on this; I do not know enough to evaulate it so will not post.There is this though
    Here is something re Boer War
    I post these to support my point that things were different back then. What was done etc. No use crying over spilt milk.
    Better we learn that war can make base animals of anyone. Standards are ignored. We in this modern age are better aware of that and try to act in decency. We can no more correct what was done than we can change the colour of our grandmother's eyes. Rehashing those times only leads to dissent and dispute - almost war eh?
  13. NKVD man, that man of yours is being selective again in his posts why did he miss out

    "Even in places that had produced a crop surplus, the government's export policies, like Stalin's in Ukraine, manufactured hunger."

    Shame on you, you should have him trained better by now for was not Pavlov a Rooshin?
    And Ireland when the potatoe ( Dan Quayle spelling) was brought ta Europe the population of Ireland was 2 mill by mid 1800s 4 million so cuntry was ripe for problems. Onest.
  14. Serge - You are a tedious kind of cove. Always trolling, without any kind of ironic approach towards the Motherland and its parlous political state (fascist Vladimir Putin). :twisted:

    You quote Monbiot without any reference to his equally tedious politics (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Monbiot). Go back to condemning the Kulaks you arrse. :evil:

    BTW - "12 and 29 million" is a fairly big spread. Ever thought it could be billsheite. Given most of your posts, probably not. :cry:
  15. Dear friends!

    With a great interest I have read you highly polite and emotionally coloured posts. But I have an imperssion that the quotes from Guardian misled you. Please, reread my first post on this thread and you will discover that my own words are absolutely innocent. Any sort of insulting of you Britishness was not among my intentions.

    Gentlemen! I feel that we have a common understanding that there, on this forum we have an excellent possibility to discuss any historical events in a calm academic manner. In this context I very much appresiate your contribution.

    Currymunter! As I see you (softly speaking) don't like mr.Putin. By the way I'm not his fan too. But it is too hard task for me to understand how it is connected with the theme of this thread.

    John! It seems to me that you are upset. What is the matter? I haven't any idea.

    Best regards from Moscow! Happy new year!