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Whose fault is it if a report is late/misses the board? Does the era of joint appraisals mean that it's the responsibility of the subject to chase their 1RO/2RO for completion or does the responsibility fall to the line manager etc?
The responsibility lies solely with the Chain of Command - there are strict timelines to which they must adhere. Though some 30% of reports still arrive late at MCM Divs.

You can help by reminding your 1st Reporting Officer that it's going to be late (you can track the progress of your report on JPA, and see WHO's sat on it when it's late), by doing so you'll have a better case when you eventually redress your CoC for missing the board.
Thanks sarge, just one more question. Is it an issue if your report misses the board/due at APC date even if you're not eligible to sit the board that year? Should I still mank about it being late or will the response just be "So what".
No point. If you're not eligible to sit the board it won't matter. However you should make sure it's there for the next board, as your last 3 reports will be in the file available to board members.

Late reports are just downright rude, and an indication that your CoC is not taking your career too seriously. If you want to prove a point, and **** the system around a little, submit a Freedom Of Information Request, asking for copies of all your Reports from MCM Div. They tend to engage with Units quite quickly if one is missing.
i would think "so what" is more appropriate if you're not even being boarded. just make sure all reports are there on time when it's your first look.
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