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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scrofula, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. The man deserves a peerage. If you can find it, check out Jerry Lee Lewis, The Killer's Private Stash. Das Ist Wunderbar
  2. ^

    Why is this guy still on this site?
  3. 'Cos' he's funny/wtty/ as 'fcuk' in a black adder sort of way....sort of makes a change from the vast swathes of one liners.. in many threads like..."Dog breath"..."Cnut"...."feck of 'n' die"...etc..get the picture...???
  4. Having said that...this is 'Scrofula' c/w 1000+ posts.....there appeared a few days ago 'Scroffula' c/w 20+ posts but the same avatar...what's all that about 'Scrofie',,,???
  5. I don't know but the Scoffula with 20 posts PM'd me yesterday and he knew my name. Bit concerning really as the was no reference to where he knew me from.
  6. Says the tosser sporting an Oxygen Thief tag?

    Blackadder is funny. This guy is a knobjockey. More to the point, so are you.

    So, in the style of your stereotype, Cock off, twat.
  7. Well considering My O2 was earnt mainly courtesy of 'Snail' & Co. who if memory serves me correctly very soon afterwards got an O2 herself...but unlike myself went crawling back for her medals its not a problem, I like my tag... :wink: to take it back down to the level you understand..."feck of 'n' die dog breath cnut".... :wink:
  8. Gosh, yes. Those tags are appropriate. Whatever I am I hope I never deserve one of them
  9. Ironic, I say.

    Sorry to resurect the thread ;)
  10. Yep, If you ask for something, then surely you will get it. Considering I teach some managers at Air Products, I think I am in a better position than most to warrant the tag in the real world !