Late onset asthma

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jeremy_Fisher, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. Balls

    I caught swine flu earlier this year, and subsequently had a persistent cough. This doesn't seem to have gone away... and now I'm wheezeing and getting a tight chest when I exercise. I think it is gradually getting a bit better, but there is clearly something wrong. I've always been pretty fit, 8:40 PFTs etc, so this is pretty shit.

    Unfortunately I have been called up and will shortly be attending Chilwell. I spoke to my unit MO a couple of weeks ago and he didn't seem that concerned, but speaking to a medic friend just now she suspects I may have developed asthma. What happens to people who are already in the army (TA actually) who become asthmatic? I'm imagining they don't get sent on ops...

    I did a good PFT recently and will pass CFTs etc without a problem. Just if I'm likely to get medically downgraded (if indeed it is asthma) I'd like to know sooner rather than later.

  2. Not asking for a diagnosis, cockbag, just getting an idea of what it would mean for my impending deployment. Anything useful to contribute?

    By the way, 7,000 posts? You want to do some work, you total cunt.
  3. Out fcukin standing! :lol: ...jarrod..that sure told the whining..lookin for an excuse/reason to fail/notdeploy/pass etc..wheezebag cnut..
  4. Au contraire, shithead. Looking to find a way to deploy, not the other way round.
  5. Anyone have anything useful to contribute?
  6. Ok, I had astmha as a kid and it went away in my early teens.

    At 30 I was serioulsy ill with Pneaumonia and it came back, the consultant guy told me that it can do with serious lung infections. I had it for about a year and then it cleared up again. I am 41 now with no reoccurrance. I am however very careful to see the Dr if I get a chest infection as it was manning up that allowed the pneaumonia to catch a hold in the first place. (my last day at work is the only time I have been in a suspect interview and the suspect has asked me if I was OK and offered to take a break so I could see the FME.) 0 :oops:

    You need to see a DR and possibly get an xray, your lungs could well be full of crap... take it from there.

  7. Check your pm.
  8. Hmm yeah, seeing a respiratory doc next week... not looking forward to it.

    Any idea to what extent developing asthma will screw up my service / deployment?
  9. Spastic

    I work in a london teaching hospital, my friend is one of the consultants / senior lecturers in my own department, and I will be off to speak to the professor of respiratory medicine next week on the advice of my colleague.

    You are a total fucknugget, and I suspect are someone who could actually have given me a atraight answer, you unprofessional cunt.
  10. I have to say that I agree. If you had posted in the NAAFI then some mild abuse should be expected.

    I'm not sure why Jarrod felt obliged to slate you - maybe he thought you were an asthma walt. I mean... it's obvious really isn't - just another person falsely claiming to have a dehabilitating ailment: the w ankers.
  11. I think the question was a general one:

    - What happens to people who are already in the army (TA actually) who become asthmatic? I'm imagining they don't get sent on ops...

    There was no request for a diagnosis.

    You seem to have have your bitching knickers on.

    Anyway none of my business.
  12. What you imagine doesn't really matter and I'm not asking anything about the disease. Do you know what effect a diagnosis of asthma would have on my deployment?

    I've worked hard to get to this point and am being mobilised to do something I think looks quite cool. I don't want a fucking sniffle I caught this summer screwing the whole thing up.