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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mkorak, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. I was wandering with this new max age of entry raised to 33 how things will work in terms of specialist unit application.

    For instance some guy joins in late 20's or early 30's, fit and switched on, then wants to go SRR, Pathfinders, SAS etc...

    I mean i take it is 3 years served for all 3 and i believe at least lance corporal for Pathfinders, so these guys join up and do exactly the same job as every other soldier and do the same tests yet after 3 years wants to go to one of these units as others in their battallion but they cant because they are too old?
    Isnt it like 34 or somethng for selection, 28 for SRR and not sure about pathfinders but probably a cut off of some type.

    I can imagine alot of late joiners now thinking cool get out of this sedentary civvie life and get to do what i should of done years ago, they join up all keen, do the same as every other guy then think right lets do selection and bang, too old, kicked in the nuts !
  2. I haven't seen anything but I guess that all age limits will be reviewed in due course. If someone is good enough and enthusiastic about completing one of these courses, they should apply and be prepared to challenge any refusal on age grounds!

    Now, where did I leave my walking stick?

  3. Hardly, even if the age restrictions for the more specialised roles aren't lifted, older recruits will not be wasting their time.
    You make it sound as though everyone joins up with the expectation of progressing into Special Forces, thats just not the case.
  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I attended a briefing whilst on tour by an SRR type who said that whilst the upper age limit was 34 it was definitely flexible. His advice was that if you were thinking about it, then apply anyway.
    "Don't deselect yourself. That's our job!" was the way he put it. I guess as in most things, it all depends on what you can bring to the party.
  5. No not at all i was talking directly about the percentile that do have that direction in mind. For the most part none of this is restrictive, infact most guys wouldnt know how to apply for any of the roles let alone carry it out, i meant the few that do have that in mind.

    But yes of course dont deselct yourself they will do that, makes sense !