Late(ish) entry into the army

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by boredofmyjob, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. I'm 25 and just going through the application process now. Did anyone on here join at my age or older? I have this fear that i'm going to be surrounded only by superfit 17yr olds!
  2. I'm nearly 23 and not exaclty superfit...or any kind of fit! I have the same worries as you though!
  3. thats a relief. im really working on my fitness but its hard to know what to expect!
  4. I'm soon to be 27, and start basic in March! Same worries here, but I found on selection that most of the other applicants were fine - the odd one or two (or 6), were really immature, but as I say, most were great to have a laugh with!
  5. Oh, sorry, you were on about fitness - I finished the run in the first 1/3, and had good upperbody strength compared to a fair few of the others, but I'm not superfit either - working on it though!
  6. yeah im more worried about the 17yr olds being more mature then me..hehe. I cant wait to get involved to be honest im just waiting for my GP to pull her proverbial finger out and get my medical form done!
  7. Fellas, I joined at 23 and am now 25. Believe me your age is probably one of the greatest advantages you'll have, a bit of life experiance works wonders. You'll be used to living away from home, doing your own ironing and cleaning, you may have worked shifts before so you'll be used to early starts/late finishes ect. The list is quite long. I would not have wanted to go to ATR when I was 17!

    And young does not mean fit by any stretch of the imagination, if you have prepared properly you'll have no probs, regardless of how old you are. There were 3 particular PT mongs in my platoon, they were all 17 years old, yet we had a 27 year old who ran the PFT in 08:30!
  8. I'm 22 and waiting on Recruit selection. The way i look at is your going to get 17 year olds any where you work so just keep your head down and get through it.
  9. Re fitness, there ain't a lot of evidence that you should have a problem much before late thirties if you train. People go downhill because they do nothing, but men are physically stronger at 30 than at 18 even if they don't train, and much stronger if they do, sprinting goes a little bit in your thirties, and absolute endurance lasts and improves for a long time - if you train. Longitudinal studies on people who beast themselves (level 3 and 4 training, ie hard intervals and going for 20-30 minutes at the limit of the sustainable) show that they hardly decline at all until late into middle age.
  10. Dont worry about it, I'm 28, will be joining sometime next year I believe, so will probably be 29 when I actually get in :(

    christ, I'm the oldest out of all of you :( hahaha
  11. Like Ubersoldat said dont worry I am also feel I am joining a bit late in life, I am rapidly approaching the grand old age of 28 and I am still battling the medical process!
  12. Top Tip more mature recruits you will be expected to perform that little bit better with the physical side as you should be mentally prepared for what needs to be done (ie:-Fitness Requirements).
    Not only that but as a former instructor at the Commando Training Center I would expect my more mature recruits to "Hoist in" the younger ones if they are pissing about, losing enthusiasm (loafing) or feeling down, homesick etc.
    The standards of the more mature recruits are usually higher than that of a 17/18 year old soldier in my experience.

    In all fella's get stuck into it, run your knackers off and make sure you're seen to be helping others that need that little bit of a push.

    Good Luck :wink:
  13. I'm going back as re-entrant, back to basic etc, at the grand old ago of 29 (30 in 2 months) also looking at an intake date of March 08! Don't worry guys, it will be cool.

  14. I'm 23 and I got attested 2 weeks ago. I smoke and drink like a fcuker, but my medical came up fine.
    Just practise your running, 20 mins every day is a good start.
  15. I think its good that its a good idea that older people (no offence) are able to join up. Like someone said above, life experience would make a differance in most situations.

    Should add, i'm 19 and waiting for my second selection.