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Bear with me.

I have a number of years TA service which in total (having left a couple of times) equate to over 12 years. I am a Corporal (TA) and a university graduate employed in a field directly related to my TA role.

I achieved Cat 1 at AOSBTA Briefing and passess at Mod 2 and 3 of the TACC which at 35 made me very much the old and not so bold.

Due to work commitments however, I have had to cancel by Main Board and put off Mod 4. My civilian employer is supportive of the TA generally however huge pressures on manning have caused this sudden change of heart. In essence, 3 weeks at RMAS for Mod 4 is difficult for the foreseeable future. 2 weeks would be far easier to negotiate.

Can a Corporal apply for a LE Commission? I have read sources which say that ordinarily, a soldier should be a S/Sgt or C/Sgt with at least two CRs at SNCO rank.
Do a search on the threads here and look on the MCM Div website and you should find the generic answers.

Off the top of my head, anyone with over 9 years service can apply for a Soldier Entry Commission, as they are now known. You need to have this reflected in your CR's for the application to be considered.

In practice it seems to be a little different. Units have to put you forward for this, so you have to do what they wish. As an example, as a Sergeant, in my old unit, when I enquired I was told that I would probably have to do TAPO modules 2 & 3, although nobody could or would give me a specific answer. The impression I had was that they were unwilling to commit to the new (as it was then) system.

Long and short of it is that it depends on the unit. Have you asked yours?
It is possible to split Module 4 into two parts, 4a - one week and then 4b - two weeks.

Not ideal but achievable if you can't get the three week block off work.

Why not get AOSB Main out of the way and take it from there?

Considered doing MB first however putting myself through it with no reason (i.e. didn't seem much point in doing MB if there was no chance of doing Mod 4 after it) seemed daft. I recall doing AIB at university, which I passed (but age/ glasses/ scores sent me down the pecking list) and it was hard then at 26yrs.

As for the point of splitting the first week of Mod 4 (pre commissioning course) from the second two weeks: that sounds quite an idea. Will contact the RTC dealing and see if that could be a goer.

Cheers all however anyone else out there with some knowledge/ experience of LE Comm. from Cpl or even Sgt. would be gratefully received.
your best bet would be Soldier Entry,

drop me a pm with your e-mail address and i will get back to you.

PS your RTC will almost be clueless about this route!!

hasn't the age just gone up again ?

there were 38/39/ and 41 yr old Trooper ranks on a recent Briefing ?

i'd be interested to find out how to split mod 4 too!
bogjockt said:
Cheers all however anyone else out there with some knowledge/ experience of LE Comm. from Cpl or even Sgt. would be gratefully received.
LE commission (I believe) is for SSgt/CSgts and above, in my corps (RSigs) its WO2 and above.
Soldier entry doesn't exist, you'd still have to go through the normal training but I would expect you to bypass the first module (and those you've done already).
You also have the PQO route if your a nurse, doctor, vicar or IT specialist
Having had a chat with my OC recently, he put the idea in my head going for an LE commission. Having asked my PSAO (very informally) he has told me that in my Corps only WO2's can go for it but from this and other LE posts it seems that in some corps, Sgts and SSgts can apply. Does anyone know why the different rules for each cap badge? Why would my OC suggest it if I am not the correct rank (and won't be for a while)? Are the rules changing?
I was put on an LE Commission in 2005 in fact I was on the first course run at RMAS and I had done only 18 months in the TA and was a Sig but I am what you call a computer geek and the Regs as well as the TA needed my civilian quals. So I would say it depends on what your trade is in civilian street and if Glasgow agree that there is a skill shortage.

Hope it goes well

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