late commission and then an IP?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by mountain_hermit, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. I am 7yrs in and an NCO. I am considering doing a LE commission as a PQO. If commissioned do I only need to do 16yrs service (even though some of that will be as a OR) to get an immediate pension? Also is it worth waiting untill I am 10yrs in before I commission so I can then leave after my 6yrs LE without PVR rather than signing on for another 6 yrs (If they want me) and then coming out after 2yrs of that.
    The pension calculator says that I get an IP but I just wanted some human advice.
  2. Ask your RCMO for some of the advice, that what they are there for. Are you sure you can get an LE commission as a PQO after only 7 years? Although if you are qualified in that area then you are probably right, but as an NCO would you be current in that area you are going for. Remember the pension system changed the other year so i wouldn't bet on waiting until you have done 10 years then apply for a commission, in the hope of only doing 6 years for your Intermediate Pension. It all changes once you go to the dark side, however i could be wrong since teh pension changed recently.
  3. You cannot get an LE commission unless you are SSgt (AGC, RAMC), WO2 (Sel WO1) for most other corps, or WO1, additionally you need to be 34 or over.

    You cannot get an LE commission as a PQO - you may be an Officer that has a Professional Qualification - this is not the same as a Professionally Qualified Officer (usually Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists and a few other RAMC specialisms).

    To qualify for your immediate pension as an LE officer you will need to complete the 5 yrs of service in IRC(LE) and the final 1 year at the end of the engagement (6 years in total) - This is the reason that you need to be 34 to engage on the LE commission as the 6 years service will take you to age 40 (and if you were 18 when you joined this will be a 22 yr engagement).

    The payment terms are different for LE officers too - as well as the promotion rates (a PQO is on time promotion - an LE is not).

    The two are incompatible a PQO is a special type of DE officer whereas an LE is an officer who has satisfied the previous service outlined earlier.

    Unless of course you have a really special qualification and the army are bending over backwards for you - then you will need to look at this again.
  4. Sounds like you might want to look at your integrity as well, do you really want a comission or are you just trying to get your IP as quickly and easily as you can while the rest of us graft for it???
  5. 16yrs is no quicker than any other officer. Are you doing the job for just the love of it ? Can you not have integrity and the desire to retire after 16yrs?