Late Arrivals At The Military Balll


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What happened to their daughter Rhea?
From the USA, Mr & Mrs Fo and their son Mo.
From Italy, Mr & Mrs Don and patriotic son, Gui
Cpl & Mrs Icklestocking and their Russian cousin Serge Icklestocking.
From Norway, Capt & Mrs Buster-Peckham, and their son, Lars.

From the Royal Courts, His Honour ...... Lord Justice Once.

From the Royal Navy, Admiral Windblows and his daughter, Wendy.

The Khazakhistan attache, Commissar Titzoff and his wife, Norda.
From N Ireland, Mr & Mrs Dergrove and their son, Al.
From Hampshire, Lt Col (Retd) & Mrs Brie, and their son Sals.
Lt Gen CBE and Mrs Ford, and their very interesting daughter, Bland.
From the German Embassy, it's the Cultural Attache, Herr Kut, and his assistant, the surly Frau Ning.


And please welcome, Major and Mrs Bennett-not-another-bloody-tour-in-Iraq and their slightly peeved son Cpl Gordon Bennett-not-another-bloody-tour-in-Iraq.

(With apologies to Graeme Garden)
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