Late 90s, early 00s army documentry

In the late 90's early 00's there was a TV reality /documnetary that followed a group of people through training or an insight into the Army, can't quite remember. It wasn't bad lads either just normal people. I was wondering if anyone remembered this and could point me in the direction of a link to watch it again, as what I can remember it was great.


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I think i remember the one? Followed a group through phase 1, then a slect number who went onto CIC at Catterick? No idea what it was called, but if i recall correctly, one of the catterick lads had had his mum murdered by his dad at a young age, so therefore pictured his dad as the bayonet target. Broke quite a few bayonets i think...
Is that the one that had the civvy slappers in random pubs in Colchester?
Yes called Soldiers to be. Followed the training of recruits with the RGJ and LI at Winchester. I have a few episodes on VHS somewhere around the house.
The one that had the Billy Bragg song at the end ? Come to think of it, I think he narrated it.
It followed two groups, one lot at Winchester and the other lot at Pirbright.

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