Late 19th/early 20th century uniform??

Learned colleagues,

A good friend of mine at work has some old photos of a relative which appear to be from the turn of the century. He has no details of the regiment or location, and is unable to scan the photos at present.

The first photo is of a sergeant with a small circular red cross badge above his stripes. He is wearing what I would call 2 dress, with puttees up to the knee and carrying a small cane. The waist belt of the jacket appears to be quite wide (maybe 3.5 inches) and he is wearing a khaki cap. There are no medal ribbons worn. The cap badge is difficult to make out, but seems to have a globe and laurel a la Royal Marines.

The other photo is of the same person but this time as a corporal, sat in a posed photo with a pith helmet on his knee. He is wearing the aforementioned small circular red cross above his chevrons and in addition is wearing a standard medic armband on his left arm. Stood by him is a man of possible Indian origin, wearing a 'high' turban, and a light coloured smock with buttons to the waist with a belt that looks a little like a modern stable belt with a round metal buckle. He is also wearing a medic armband and light coloured trousers with puttees to the knee.

I'm trying to get the photos scanned and put on here, but in the meantime any help would be much appreciated.
At a guess he was a stretcher bearer / medic. From the description of the uniforms I would place the pictures just before or possibly during the First World War. Without seeing them it's hard to be of more help.
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