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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Border_Reiver, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. I read an article last week about this free service … https://lastpass.com/ … the Website provides a data vault for Log in / Passwords . You generate one very powerful Password when you create your account and then populate this account with your various existing log in data which are then automatically populated in the future . I have an encrypted Word document which runs to four pages of Log in info … many I use very rarely . Are such Websites safe or should they be avoided like the plague ? Any ARRSE members used such packages ?
  2. Some security programs such as Kaspersky have such options.
  3. I never trust anyone else to look after my sensitive stuff if I can help it
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys ... think I shall continue to run with my own locally stored info .
  5. It's useful if you need to log into specific sites very quickly, on mobile devices. The web address and password are quickly entered and away you go. I've used it for a crisis management programme and it worked well.
  6. Bad CO

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    Lastpass is an excellent bit of kit that both GCO and myself use on multiple times per day. Keeping passwords in a 'secret place' on your PC has a vast array of potential security and back up problems.

    As mentioned above it also integrates into all the major browsers, except mobile chrome, meaning that your passwords are available on every device that you use for a small annual fee.

    If you are serious about security, and have no major misgivings about the cloud, then I simply cannot recommend this enough.

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  7. Personally, I would keep nothing on the internet. I keep it all on an encrypted container on my computer and a backup on an encrypted usb stick (so its double encrypted). Keeping stuff on the internet is just asking for trouble, as we have seen many times in the past.
  8. There are numerous local solutions with the same functionality, and on an **ix system at least the level of encryption they use on the passphrase DB is really pretty much up to you.

    If setup correctly they're arguably more secure in some respects than remembering and entering individual passphrase/ID combinations every time you log in to a site.
  9. Thanks Bad CO ... ball up in the air again ... will give it a whirl with sites which are low risk as far as my security is concerned and develop from there .
  10. HHH

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    See it's so good that it made Bad CO appear to you as Good CO, you can't get much better security than that!!:)
  11. I'd say that putting your sensitive stuff in the care of a body you don't know, in a location you don't know, and not knowing the physical security arrangement at the other end is a potential security problem. As for backup, whether the file is encrypted or not shouldn't make a difference to a backup programme - it's not looking at the contents, just a file. Programmes such as TruCrypt are different if using volume encryption, but once the volume is mounted then it behaves as a normal drive until locked or dismounted

    Personally, if I can touch a box, I can invariably get into it, though I know there are systems out there that I couldn't - I just haven't come across one yet.

    If I look after my own stuff and it gets compromised, it's my own fault

  12. I am of an age such that I can claim it was a " Senior moment " error ... compounded by the fact that the ARRSE Website froze on my Lappie as soon as I realised my mistake and I tried to correct ... Hey Ho such is the ageing process ... everything will be normal after my second glass of Merlot tonight ... Hi Hi .
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    Mine froze too just after posting!
  14. Bad CO

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    I take it you keep your money under your bed in a locked box as well? Because this is the exact analogy of what you've just said.

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  15. Nope, but I keep my car keys in a safe place and don't leave them with a third party that I don't actually know.

    Analogies rule