Last years Ordinary Man starts Fighting!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MorpheusRising, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Some of you may remember the acoustic track we released last year, 'An Ordinary Man' in aid of HELP for HEROES, which was available from our website only.

    At the time we received a great amount of support from the ARRSE community and many of you asked whether you could buy a CD rather than the download, and there was even the rumour of a campaign to get it in the charts!

    This year we've set our sights a little higher! We've released a track called Fighting Man (a much rockier track) in aid of both the RBL Poppy Appeal and HELP for HEROES. We've included a re-worked version of An Ordinary Man as the 2nd track so that those who wanted a CD last year can now fulfil their hopes :)

    You can see the supporting video on YouTube here.

    The CD is currently available to pre-order exclusively at Amazon UK where it is currently sitting at No 6 in the singles chart! [Edit - Now No 4, and No 1 on the Pre-Release Chart!]

    I hope that the members of ARRSE will be as supportive of this track as they were last year!
  2. Great song guys and IMHO better than Ordinary Man. When in doubt, lots of twin guitar breaks and harmony vocals will always win the day! :D
  3. Thanks PD!

    The single is now No 5 in the Amazon CD Singles chart and has entered the Top 20 on their Rock MP3 chart!

    It's also available on iTunes and is curretnly selling very well!

    For links of where to buy just check, or search for Morpheus Rising on Amazon or iTunes ;)
  4. Great song, Great British metal, and for a great cause :D .

    (Driven along by only the finest Zildjian K Custom cymbals too ;) ).
  5. Totally agree, shame that good British heavy rock is far too often tossed aside in favour of some London-metropolitan-elite R'n'B, faux-cockerney pish or sub-karaoke x-factors bo11ocks, aimed at 12 year olds (and similar mental ages).

    Rock on Morpheus Rising.

    p.s. My amp goes to 11.
  6. I don't have an amp, but my favourite crash is 18" not 16" :D .