Last WW1 Veteran

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by emptyeye, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Guys

    Im not sure if this has been posted before, I seem to remember a link someplace, but, is there (was there) a petition going around to get the last WW1 Vet a semi-state funeral?

    Having watched that old fella today on the news at 110 years young, made me think about posting this thread.

    I feel that even if he doesnt get a recognised send off from the state, then we (arrsers) should do it, get the SD/No2/No1 dress out the wardrobe, bull the shoes/boots, clean off the medals, it doesnt matter if your Regular/TA/Cadet Adult Staff, when this old guy does fall out forever, find out where and when hes being laid to rest and we all turn up in full kit!! even volunteering to carry his coffin or line the route or something.

    Doesnt even matter if hes ex Army or Navy of RFC, he really does deserve it. The local RBL could be the link to this guy?

  2. <edit>I did mean Henry Allingham of course
  3. Got it, thanks...still not sure whats going on though
  4. According to the ever-reliable Des Browne, there will be a suitable service of remembrance once the last known veteran has passed on.

    The idea of a state funeral has been extensively discussed, but about half those veterans questioned didn't want one, and their wishes must be respected.