Last WW1 Vet To Attend Poppy Ceremony

Thousands of poppies are to be launched from the skies over Somerset today to remember fallen heroes of armed conflicts.

Britain's last surviving Tommy, 109-year-old Harry Patch, will be the special guest of honour.

Harry is the last remaining survivor of the thousands of British Army soldiers who fought at Passchendaele and Ypres during the First World War.

He will be at the launch of the Somerset Poppy Appeal and County Memorial Stone Dedication being held on the Beach Lawns, Weston-super-Mare.

It will take place opposite the county's new Somerset Legion House, a convalescence home for ex-service personnel and their dependants.

County chairman Major Rikki Peters says: "The Poppy Appeal Launch this year continues to mark the Legion's new welfare brand known as Poppy Support.

"It has highlighted that 927,000 of the ex-service community live on an income of £5,000 or less, that at least 180,000 are never visited by a friend or relative, that 400,000 are with a long-term illness or disability, and that there are 10.5 million eligible for our support. "Our Armed Forces who are serving with distinction in difficult parts of the world are also eligible for our support.

"The launch is a timely reminder that the ex-service and serving members of our community do need the generosity of the nation in a collective thank you to help those in need."

The event will act as a reminder that money is still needed to help serving soldiers, ex-servicemen and women, and their dependants.

Sounds like a great event. Hopfully it will rasie awareness that veterans don't live forever.

I was under the impression there were at least 2 more WW1 UK vets still alive?
Mazur_UK said:
I was under the impression there were at least 2 more WW1 UK vets still alive?
I believe Mr Patch is the last British survivor of ground combat in the Great War. There's certainly a couple more Great War veterans left, including Henry Allingham the oldest man in Britain.
Rhode_Runner said:
No disrespect to the thread or the people who fell but that cemetary looks like the German one at Langemarck to me,
In my sig? Yes it is.

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