Last Voices of WW1

Been watching this series on History last couple of weeks and have found it to be rather moving listening to all these guys telling their stories. These people where led to the slaughter like lambs to the block and they knew it but they still did their bit. Heroes every one as are all who face enemy fire. I wonder if it effected me more because my Grandpa spent a couple of years in the trenches and survived to father my mum but never, ever spoke of his time there.
Anybody else been moved by this sort of thing or am just going soft in my old age. (Asking for abuse here I suppose
No i agree with you.

Theres a new book out, Lost Voices of D-Day.

Haven't read it yet, but the front cover is of a group of British squaddies on a landing craft going into one of the beaches, and you can clearly see the tension and fear in their faces and eyes, very moving photo.

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