Last US WW I Veteran

In the Boston Herald today.

President honors last surviving WWI vet, 107
By Herald wire services | Friday, March 7, 2008 | | Around the Nation

President Bush met with the last surviving American veteran of World War I yesterday and learned that, at 107, the old guy pretty much has heard it all before.

Bush, introducing Frank Woodruff Buckles, said, “Mr. Buckles’ mind is sharp, his memory is crisp, and he’s been sharing with me some interesting anecdotes.

“I asked him where he lived, and he said, ‘That reminds me of what General Pershing asked me.’ And he told the general that he was raised on a farm in Missouri. And the general said, ‘Well, you know, as the crow flies, it’s 40 miles from where I was raised.’

“And so Mr. Buckles has a vivid recollection of historic times. And one way for me to honor the service of those who wear the uniform in the past and those who wear it today is to herald you, sir, and to thank you very much for your patriotism and your love for America,” Bush said.

Buckles signed up for the Army at 15 and was stationed in Europe during World War I.
Also, last year NY Times wrote about him in a nice story.
NY Times

Nice there is some recognition of WW I vets.

I keep thinking of the funeral of my great-aunt Kate about 30 years ago and the little honor guard of old, shaky, bleary eyed WW I vets who proudly saluted the flag on her coffin. She was a USN Yeomanette or Yeoman-F. She never got farther than the Boston Navy Yard but she was a proud veteran and proud that she made Petty Officer. God bless them all!

Another story on Mr Buckles explained he lied about his age to get in.

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