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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by shaunsie, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. What was the last txt msg you got on your mobile
    Mine was "She's out get youre ar*e round here"
  2. well? did you go then?
  3. Last message recieved 03/01/2006 21.40; Hi gorgeous, how's you? Not heard from you in ages! x

    Last message sent 03/01/2006 21.53; I'm fine, now f*ck off.
  4. There's never a Moderator around when you want one, is there?

    And then five appear all at once and whack the bx into the ARRSEhole.......
  5. Do you think I replied?
  6. hear hear !!
  7. My last was:
    S hit CNUT turn to ITV! Shi t cum

    So I turned to ITV only to discover the fantastic Tourettes show.
  8. Get fcuked you lazy b@stard. Make your own b@stard dinner if your gonna ask like that.
  9. Get sprog milk and get your drunken @ss home. :D
  10. Received 02:42:55 04-01-06

    "I would if I could get online...."
  12. Received: 02:57 04-01-06 ...

    Run out of cash ... pick me up, I'm outside Time. See you in 20 minutes.
  13. "Fcuk fcuk fcuk! Just went up to a colleague and said "Ohh! What have you done to your hair?" No one warned me she was having's a b**tard wig!"
  14. "Time for coffee"

    Can't say he's wrong can you?
  15. Was that the reply to:

    "Check out this website LJH, smallboystools. com"