last song youd listen to

here goes then troops, you have 5 minutes left to live and you have to choose a track to listen to. what would it be and why?

i tried this with the wife and we ended up naming our top 20 each.
difficult but give it a go(still can't decide mine)
the techno remix of i've got a brand new combine harvester by the wurzels, no joke.

the main reason that i would listen to it is all of the fond memories assosiated with it
- having a ACF captain complaining that he did not think it was very relevant to play at 6am in lieu of a bugle, apparently his cadets in the next billet didn't like it either.
- torturing enemy on a ftx by playing it continuously to them till it drove them mad
- playing it obscenely loud on my wake the dead boogie box and making the eastern otc move out of the blocks cause they couldn't get to sleep cause of all the dancing drunk wedggies.
Come up and see me (make me smile) by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel. Mind you I suppose I would be shagging if I only had 5 mins to live!!!!
take your point nap, if you were on the nest(which would definetly be the better option then listening to some old tune) then steve harley may put you off your stroke.

having said that, the doris would probably want some lovey dovey stuff to put on.
Either 'i done it my way' by old blue eyes
or The reason by hoobastank
or Please forgive me- David Grey
Or say hello wave good bye - david grey version
Or finally Here with out you -3 doors down
here afew of mine but cant decide which
procol harum - whiter shade of reason just like it
james - sit down...reminds me of cluubing with the troops and sitting on the floor to do the dance.
barber - adagio for strings...the music from platoon, quite relaxing
guns 'n' roses - sweet child of mine....good for air guitar
the list is long and distinguished and to long to mention and i still cant decide
Say hello wave goodbye, David Grey version.........(Classic to bow out to I guess).
Still of the Night, Whitesnake....... (Would it be possible to be driving for that last 5 mins???).
My way by the Sex Pistiols..........(Loud and angry).
Goodbye my lover, James Blunt....... (now goodbye streetcred.....oh well).
The ride of the valkyries........Wagner (Because it is so emotive).

You were right u_didnt_c, spent ages delete inserting various songs....
OldRedCap said:
Ding Dong The Witch is Dead. Actually, I'd spend my last 5 minutes arranging for comedian Bernard Manning to do my eulogy.
Superb! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Just trying to remember the comedy film it was in where the pianist was being all serious and said something like "I'd like to play a sentimental number" and played that!

Was it Naked Gun / one of those spoofs etc... ?
Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, cos I like the idea of finally popping my clogs during an awesome guitar solo. Result!
Slayer - Angel of death. If the guy in black comes to get me i may as well get a request in for him.


Murderdolls - 197666. well to be honest i wont be wanting a cheerful song when i've just been hit by a guiness truck.
Would I Lie To You (Charles & Eddie) or some Jimmy Nail.

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