Last six months of service, after signing off!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by krnkat, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. I've signed off, and heard that in last 6 months of my service, I only have to go on tour if I volunteer? is this true or do you just do it as normal and it makes no difference until the day I get out?
  2. Yeah its true mate, but just lately they like to keep you in unit in order to laugh at you and direct general ridicule at you for leaving an extremely secure job at the height of a recession coupled with the fact that you are probably needed in some capacity to serve your country and generally give a f uck..................................but on second thoughts, why dont you ask to get released a little bit earlier, just in case, you w anker :wink:
  3. done 12 years, want to get out due to kids! Three months after the tour starts I'm due to get out but not been taken off any of the list! courses, pre training etc, So the go March I'm due out June???
  4. Got a job to go to mate?
  5. You're a soldier, just do what you're told to do, when your times up they'll bung you on a Herc, and then endex.
  6. I got sent to XMG :-(
  7. It's another gong! Get it down your neck :p