Last shot from Arkantos

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chocolate_frog, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. Well, what can I say. After a tense, tough battle of wits with IrishDuck and Arkantos, we seem to have won the day.

    However I will have the mental anguish of this parting shot from Arkantos, to deal with for a while.

    I have changed a few words so that it wouldn't be too censored. (basically I put in the asterisks)

    Anybody else involved in the recent spat get similar PMs or is he just upset at me for posting pictures of little girls in pink dresses and calling them the Elite Argie forces. Oh and for a very low shot that I'm not proud about.
  2. I never got one :cry:

    What was the low shot? Did I miss something?
  3. Take it you didn't see my "the crew of the Belgrano were too busy in a fashion parade when HMS Conqueror was in the vicinity? post" Complete with picture of little girl in a dress!!!
  4. Mine seems to have been copied from one of the posts he posted against Dani, hence all the drivel about jew killing, he was calling Dani a nazi.

    I think you got called the Pink Panther, because you are Gay!!!!
  5. I got some abusive MSN from him - it was so tame I was laughing! Wow, a teenager telling me he's going to kill me!!!!! Mwahahahaha!
  6. Is it me or did they take massive offence to simply getting fed back insults they had already fed us?

    I mean we endured days of pictures of that bird/bloke from Invincible, yet they went loco!!!

    Hope I can find them again.
  7. They've all got some extreme nationalistic pride and are extremely embarrassed by their national failings - hence finding pictures of Argies signing the surrender offensive. Brits are far less touchy about these things. Plus they've been fed propaganda about Las Malvinas throughout school.

    I mean, so what about the sex-change individual? Do we care? No! And I like the way you twisted that back on them, choccy_frog! "Got kicked off the islands by a bunch of transsexuals" LMAO!

    They didn't like my piccy of Buenos Aires though - they kept screamin "OFF TOPIC" at that one. However, it was profoundly ON-TOPIC, since it was a far better fake than their one (if I do say so myself - there was only one glaring error, which was no reflection of the nuke in the water). Interestingly, Irish Duck said that the invincible picture came from the TV when it was clearly a newspaper print, yet he has an original copy in his hand? WTF? Lying scumbag!
  8. I thought the other BA nuked picture was very accurate too!!!!:-D
  9. Feel sorry for Dani, he got it in spades about being a Nazi. On several threads, on several forums!!!!

    He didn't really do anything.

    I know the romanians don't like the Nazis also.
  10. Oh, and now we've got the non-English speaking 15 year old modding in there..... And he says he's going to zero-tolerance insults. BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG
  11. Take it that's FW-190?
  12. No, PzsadiuhroiuewtIVTiger or whatever his name is. I think he is actually 13.
  13. it's a shame it's over i could have posted my dads copy of the surrender form we've got at home when i go on leave next week.
  14. Saw that one, didn't think it was that low though. Strange how Irish-f*ckwit didn't reply to me about how his army mangaged to get kicked off the islands by an army of gays and transexuals though :roll:

    Saw that, trying to think of a way of breaking it to the wife and mistress :wink:

    Don't laugh, my mate Dave took that photo from his Vulcan, I have the original in my hand. You know nothing about the Malvinas anway, gay Brittie :wink:

    Bet we can break him and get him sacked quicker than Erwin
  15. Those latin / spainish compound insults are so comical.... well done those who are keeping the healthy banter going!
    Its scary how patriotic they are, in a country plauged by corruption, where most of the poor sods are struggling to feed their family, hyper inflation until a few years ago was hurting all but the elite, where the leaders are dictators, military, corrupt or all three of the above, and they are still trying to get to the bottom of the "dissappered" who were all murdered by their own governement and their own people.... and the sad thing is they have this machismo latin super patriotism, which is blind and unrealistic.
    Okay, for sake of argument, they get the Falklands back, none of them will live there, its too far from BA! Ask your cwazy mate there if he will go and live there, permanently? They love to dress up in suits and ties and look all swish, bit hard to do that most of the down Ross Road, walking against the gales and the rain and so on is not tie and smart suit conditions!