Last Rites

Calling the Tartan Arrmy..

My Father-in-Law has just died unexpectedly and family are arranging a piper, as he wished.

He served in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders from about 1949-1955 and at some stage was a RP Cpl. I think he must have been Regular, rather than National Service?

Can anyone tell me the correct protocol for his coffin - should he have a Union Flag or the Saltire (or neither) and are we likely to be able to get a piper along from the Regt, or is that not usually done for ORs?

I believe 5SR are in Canterbury at the moment which is only about an hour away, not sure if the pipes and drums are there though?

If necessary, we have a civvy cat strangler on standby, but if the Army can help, I'm sure it would be appreciated.


If you phone your local RBL field office they should be able to help
For military, Coffin is normally Union Flag, belt and beret/hat. With the hat to the top, belt roughly middle.

Seeing as he is not serving and is a civvie (not a dig) I would imagine he could have a saltire if the family chose to. There doesn't seem to be any rules on this.

The only rules seem to be, that the flag must be removed prior to burial or cremation. It can be presented to the NOK, if they wish, but we don't do this routinely as the yanks do. There is no prescribed folding method for this either.

5 RRS may provide a piper, but it may be at cost. Ask them, the RBL or the civvy one.

RBL should certainly be able to help with any legality or protocol issues.
Thanks all,

Will follow up tomorrow.


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