last question before basic tommorow

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Radders_11, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. Ello fellas,
    starting basic tommorow at lichfield and just had one last question,
    and before people say i have searched and the posts i read didnt really answer my question.

    i was wondering about your own clothes at basic,
    on the list the careers office gave me it does not mention anything about it
    but when i was looking at the atr lichfield website it had pictures of recruits in there own clothes in week 4 on the battlefield tour

    and as i'm going to turn up in shirt and trousers tommorow they would be the only civvi clothes i would have.
    Any info will help

    cheers fellas
  2. Back eons ago when I did my basic we had two small lockers that we could use for personal gear. I took a small amount of smart, casual and really casual gear. At the end of day after it gets dark you will want to get out of uniform so that you can spend the rest of night prepping for the locker inspection in the morning.

    Hope that helps, enjoy training, this is the start of great career, good luck.

  3. Take another set and maybe a tracksuit,you should get a personal locker aswell i.e. for all your civi clobber and belonging's,this locker also needs to be kept tidy.Oh and don't forget your padlocks,take at least three...
  4. cheers fellas, helps alot i've already packed a tracksuit and pair of jeans and couple of tshirts.

    Also what happens with your suitcase, are you allowed to keep stuff in that?

  5. dont forget your dildo to give to the instructors.
    and you need to don some eatable undies.
  6. eatable?? dnt you mean edible lol

    thanx for that useless bit of information freedom
  7. Just stick it under the bed, you can use it to keep all your stickies and the doughnut you'll take from the cookhouse.

  8. sorry that's what i meant. oh an one thing you need to have shite loads of beers.
    ready for the day ahead.
    good luck.
  9. the beer was packed friday and saturday night mate nice and safe in my belly :D
  10. These are not for personal consumption but should be used to bribe the Training Staff daily :D

    Good luck

  11. no no no you need to drink at least 15 cans tonight.
  12. I remember a wheeze a few years back when recruits were told not to bring tracksuits, and then "encouraged" to buy Regimental ones.
  13. good luck. little wan kenobi is there for his first day tommry too and due to my piss poor memory i couldnt remember what clothes i took. few pairs of civvies and some sports kit should do. if anything youll be in the same boat as him and get beasted together for not bringing the right clothes. at least you wont be the only one hey! :)

    its all character building!
    youll love it. i mean it
    good luck
  14. cheers easy, what is your son going to lichfield?