Last Prison Ship to close

The UK's only prison ship is to close, the Home Office has announced.
HMP Weare, docked in Portland Harbour in Dorset, will be shut by the end of the year.

The government purchased it in 1997 as a temporary overcrowding measure and intended to close it in 2000. It now holds 400 inmates.

Weare, originally a troop ship in the Falklands war and then a floating jail in the US, had been heavily criticised in prison service reports.
Story here!

I always knew those RN boys (buoys?) in DPA were up to something! :D

Edited to add this picture:

Im pretty sure Mr howard could find a use for it should he become PM! :D
Luxury... when were in't San Carlos, we used to dream of living in a Coastel in Stanley....

....especially when we heard some enterprising lumpies were running a bordello on board..... :lol:

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