Last president of the US collapses!

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Hillary Clinton suffers collapse

US Senator and former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton has collapsed during a public appearance in Buffalo, US media reports.
She was reported to have been taken to hospital after collapsing.

She had been due to give a lecture at Canisius College on the government's role in caring for the sick.

ABC News said the New York senator collapsed during an address to a chamber of commerce luncheon in Buffalo.

Last September her husband, former US President Bill Clinton, underwent a heart operation.
[and yes, the headline is a joke - I believe that she had rather more influence with Slick Willy than is appropriate for a 1st lady, and made a lot of decisions whilst he was sticking cigars into rather chubby hackette interns :twisted: ]
Heard she was exhusted from staying up all night watching Bill having sex :D
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