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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by knockknee, Jun 27, 2009.

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    1976 Broadstairs Kent DHSS

    (1) An anonymous letter arrived bubbling up a Thanet address claiming the single mother claimant, with three kids, was not living at the address but had a live claim running.

    (2) A DHSS civil servant (who was not a fraud officer) was asked to look into this. He was an ex Para who had previously been a civilian employee of Scotland Yard mainly concerned with fraud.

    (3) The ex Para conducted inquiries and to do so he used a car registered in my name and address. Perhaps a Kent Special constable made a registered keeper check on that car ? And hence identified himself ?

    (4) The ex Para got a Wimbledon address as where the Tanet single mother claimant was really living. And she had a live claim running on that address too.

    (5) The means tested benefits system had no central record of claims. To detect multiple address claiming the system relied on the National Insurance (contributory benefits) central records office at Newcastle.

    (6) When a single mother made a claim she would be interviewed by the “Liable Relatives Section “ at the local DHSS office to arrange for the absent father to contribute towards the upkeep of his children. The Liable Relatibes Section would raise a flag against the absent father’s National Insurance Record at Newcastle. If the single mother made a second concurrent claim from another address then another flag would be raised against the absent father’s NI record at Newcastle ?

    (7) Say the absent father was not named or had never had a National Insurance number then no flag could be raised ? And the system had no means to detect multiple claiming in such cases.

    (8) The only way the ex Para could run a check was that DHSS across England went on to simultaneous overtime and every live claim in the country was checked. And it emerged that this single mum claimant had 48 addresses each with a live claim in payment. (In modern day terms a take of around half a million per year)

    (9) The Wimbledon fraud claim address was already subject of a trawl for information at Scotland Yard as a suspect IRA active unit safe house.

    (10) The single mum original and only legal claim was Thanet at the Broadstairs office. Hence the reasonable suspicion that was where IRA recruited her.

    (11) In 1987 (11 years later) DI George Rogers arrested 21 members of 14 Platoon HSF V Queens V TAVR Broadstairs. One of these arrested men told police that he had been approached by three single mother benefits claimants asking if he would help extricate them from a fraud on benefits they had been caught up in.
    (12) In 1987 I was in the unit in which the arrests occurred and also working in my trade for Petbow backup generators. But I looked up a DHSS person I knew. So was able to tell DI Rogers that the frauds the three single mums might be caught up in is consistent with the known MO of the IRA in this area which has previously included an active unit IRA address. Also that there were three claims at Manston tagged as suspect IRA which were not single mum claims.

    (13) Thus making SIX lines of IRA related benefits liaison inquiries for DI Rogers to institute?

    (14) Whether DHSS deemed that this lucrative fraud was unlikely to be prevalent I do not know. But they did not appear quick off the mark in the 70s to close down this source of terrorist funding and operation by instituting systemic detection of such frauds by changes to the benefits admin system.

    (15) This is important when publishing on a public forum. IF there was a public interest in DHSS failing to close the loophole it would have been to use the fraud as a means to detect active units ?

    (16) As far as I am concerned a proof of the pudding arose as a result of the arrests of 21 paramilitaries within TA. Kent Police failed to pursue the six lines of benefits liaison inquiry.

    (17) Which meant that some years later when DHSS started to try to develop computerized anti fraud measures Kent Police attached no significance to the alleged job change of an associate of one of the arrested TA paramilitaries. Did he leave a career in teaching to work on the DHSS computer developments ?

    (18) The man I am thinking of did an OU degree course in the early 80s with his friend the senior shop steward of a backup generator manufacturer and another associate of the arrested TA paramilitary. I reckon one of the OU exercises in applied maths was to calculate transient loading of an AC alternator. (Generator).

    (19) In 88 yet another associate of the same arrested TA paramilitary got work for Reliance Security at Deal Barracks allegedly using a false REME Record to clear Reliance vetting.

    (20) I got in touch with Kent Police. To give a breach of security warning with 26 lines of inquiry (six of which are the DHSS related ones above). One of which was an associate alleged saboteur (consistent with Stage 3 OIRA Garland Plan)

    (21) If you give no weight to each line of inquiry and apply just flip the coin laws of chance it is significant it is not significant ? Then that would mean unweighted that 13 lines would be of significance.

    (22) Was the effing barracks blown up ? If Kent Police had conducted the breach of security warning would the explosion have occurred. The security warning to be valid does not have to identify an eventual perpetrator. That was a valid warning.

    Sadly for 11 Royal Marines murdered and then denied justice Kent Police : QED.
  2. That's been keeping me awake for weeks that has.
  3. WTF is this geezer posting all this shite for?
  4. Must mean something to him.....but what ??
  5. God only knows - and that fcukers probably watching bloody tennis.
  6. One reason as I understand it is that 11 Royal Marines were killed in allegedly avoidable circumstances due to unheeded warnings and two, that KK believes that there has been a cover-up as a result.
    Trouble is that KK can't seem to keep it simple, whereas he should keeping the complex stuff back for the legal types.
  7. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    KK also has a comprehensive personal filing system :wink:

    however, he certainly poses some interesting questions about apparent Kent Police inaction.
  8. But have you seen KK's other posts as well - makes my bloody swede hurt.
  9. Oh for goodness sake, this is one of those tedious "walt hunter" things, kk get a fcuking life.
  10. Whilst I agree with you, it appears that Knockknee has raised some pretty serious points. Onc you can get your head around them anyway.
    As I interpret it he is suggesting that the death of 11 Royal Marines could and should have ben prevented and that Kent Police have spent more time covering their own backsides than they ever did in the original investigations.
    I agree that the post s could be clearer but if this is th eonly place he can get his points out in public then I applaud his efforts
  11. Agreed.
  12. He's drunk and has a theory.
  13. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Must find out what he smokes. What ever it is must be good!!
  14. He has a grief with the police. However whether this is justified or not we'll never know as the man is either a genius or a complete mad man who has gone wibble.
  15. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    He's either always drunk or, as others have also noted, his style is just a bit complex.
    In fairness, Biccies, his posts do pose some questions. I've read a lot of his stuff in recent months - undoubtedly it's a long-running personal campaign, but as jagman and AdamKOS have noted there certainly appears to be something amiss in Kent.

    If you think his posts are cr@p - just consider some of the other stuff that gets on to ARRSE. :wink:
    I'll cut him some slack, and stand alongside jagman for now.