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Amazing bloke. so many of his exploits were used in films about POW's.
He certainly got in the German's hair.
So did Bader. As a courtesy, the Luftwaffe allowed him to sit in the cockpit of one of their fighters. Of course directly behind him sitting on the fuselage, was a Luftwaffe officer with a pistol in his hand. Honestly! Could they have thought for an instant Bader would have taken off given the change? Would he fuck! The first thing he wanted after being sprung from Colditz was a fighter fully gassed and armed.

It's a shame after the war the IWM or other organizations couldn't have persuaded the returning veterans to sit before a cine camera and recount their exploits for posterity. I believe I have mentioned in ARRSE either the Library of Congress and/or the National Archives have an oral history program to do this with the new fangled video camera. It's a must do project while the Old Sweats are still with us. So if you know any - or if you ARE one - get cracking.
What a chap. Hats off to the guy. RiP

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What a total prick!

Daily Wail:

The Essex-born former pilot's life is the subject of Escape into Colditz, filmed by his friend Dave Windle, who told the Independent that senior British officer Colonel Willie Tod's animosity towards Tunstall was to blame for his lack of recognition.

'He did so much to assist other people but this was not undertood by Colonel Tod,' said Mr Windle.
Mr Windle said his friend learned after the war that the officer had been a member of the panel considering the award of medals to former PoWs.

Tunstall had been put forward by the Military Intelligence Directorate at the War Office on the back of his smuggled messages, but Colonel Tod's response to the decision was 'over my dead body', said Mr Windle.

[I'm sure there are those who would have made that come true.]

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