Last post Sounds at Hampshire U.S Army Base.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Workers at RAF Hythe are preparing to say farewell to their workplace & jobs tommorow.

    The US Army is quitting the 11 acre shipyard after 40 years and will hand the keys back to the MOD. The base which services and repairs watercraft, contributes an estimated £4.5m to the UK economy.

    Work halted last month after three partly-rebuilt tugboats were towed across the Atlantic to be completed in the U.S.

    Southampton's Mayor will be among the dignitaries attending the casing of the colours closing ceremony on Friday.

    A U.S Army spokeswoman said it was part of the U.S Defense departments global repositioning strategy.

    New Forest East MP Dr Julian Lewis & the workers lobbied intensivly to keep the base open.
  2. Have they relocated it to Iran then? :?
  3. No, they either sent to them France or Italy, those two seem to build all the cruise liners these days for British companies. Whats wrong with our shipyards????
  4. Whats wrong with our shipyards????[/quote]

    I'm afraid we don't have any anymore, there may be some ship repair facilities around but so far as commercial shipbuilding is concerned that seems to be a thing of the past so far as the UK is concerned
  5. What about H&W?
  6. I suppose T45 and CVF are bought from foreigners then.
  7. I did say commercial shipbuilding, as in the building of commercial ships, unless the RN do a few odd jobs on the side they are not included.

    As far as H&W are concerned, I stand to be corrected but I think their main business is ship repair, they do I believe have a ship building capability but I think a large part of their construction portfolio is for the offshore industry.
  8. They will be(!) assembled in the UK but are around 50% by value non-UK sourced. Check Richard Beedall's excellent 'Navy Matters' site for details.
  9. According to the company website : Harland and Wolff continues to pursue its traditional markets in ship building. When was the last ship built there then?.
  10. Am right beside there. Not been inside the fence at all but be a shame to see it go, especially if it does indeed contribute that much to the local/waterside economy.

    Only ever seen a few 'yanks' about the local environs though... how many US personnel were there? - couldnt have been many.
  11. See the link below

    Harland and Wolff's last ship to date was the MV Anvil Point, a Ro-Ro freighter built for use by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, with hire to civilian contractors when the ship is not needed. The ship, built under sub-contract from German shipbuilders Flensburger, was launched in 2003. Unquote
  12. Two!. One DOD Civvy & one Lieutenant.
  13. She & her sister ship Hurst Point sails up Southampton Water often. Docks at Marchwood SMC
  14. I have to admit, I've never heard of this place, but having an RAF station run by the Army for the purpose of servicing boats has PENTAGON stamped all over it. :D
  15. I only live down the road from it, It's more of a warehouse looking complex with a big green roof!.