Last post for malayan scout.

Ron Perks aged 84 died on june the fourth in stourbridge,creamation to take
place at stourbridge creamatoriam at 2.50pm.He carried a wounded trooper
for 3 days out of jungle even though he was wounded him self.
RBL will be in attendance,as will students from the oldswinford boys school to play the last post.Its this friday at 2.50.
I worked at the same firm as Ron and never new,am i surprised no.
god bless and god speed.


sorry to hear you didnt beat the clock, but you are now amongst old friends now and at peace,

Mr and Mrs A
By all accounts he was 2 Para from 1944 and was one of the first Malayan Scouts, lost most of his fingers dismantling and IED.

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