Last Parliament protester almost gone

Looks like the last protester is getting the big squeeze.

He has been allowed to stay because he was in-situ previous to the legislation brought in to counter "un authorised" protests around westminster

But the powers that be want rid of him

Scotland Yard said: "This action was taken due to continual breaches of the conditions imposed on the demonstration. This action follows a number of requests to the applicant to adhere to the conditions, which he has failed to comply with."

You don't have to agree with his protest, feel uncomfortable that the govt puts so much effort into closing down what is an attempt at free speech in a democratic country. Feel uncomfortable that the police (20 of them) arrive in the middle of the night (Minimal publicity) to do Blairs dirty work

A very sad state of affairs really


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The Telegraph said:
The removal of the placards is ironic given that the Prime Minister recently cited their existence as evidence that his Government was not authoritarian.
And WHO believed him ?
Cuts, surely that question should be 'Who believed him and actually counted for anything'? The answer is probably still 'Tony Blair' though.


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Nah, he can't be stupid enough to believe that sort of lie.

Just thinks everyone else is.
So the Metropolitan Police can afford to dispatch 50 officers to silence a protestor on behalf of the Fuhrer, but can't cope with the current levels of violent crime, track down absconding murderers and rapists, or find the convicts that should have been deported?

They are beneath contempt!
But you have to admit that the man's signs and banners had grown into a massive eyesore? He can still have his protest but on a more reasonable scale.

Oh, and the pollies must be relieved that, with summer approaching, they can open the windows of their offices and no longer have to listen to his loudhailer all day and every day.
His signs may indeed have been an eyesore but couldn't that be said of Mrs Bliar? Blair and Prescott are turning our entire country into an eyesore with their destruction of the greenbelt.
It's just another step on the road to the new Labour Police State. The demonstrator should have had placards calling for the death of infidels, coppers would have provided him with an escort.
Lucky jim isn't that what protesting is about, making a visible/audible point

aesthetics was mentioned at the head of the article, this guy spoils the well kept image of a smoothly and decently run government

The thin veneer of normality covering the mess below.

I bet the coppers are threaders they have to to this sort of thing
The other police state aspect to it is that the govt is citing the Anti Terrorism Act to justify removing this lone 57 year old protester.

A bit like what they did to that eighty something heckler in the Labour conference. He was removed under the Terrorism Act too.
I'm not going to disagree with anyone who wants to have a go at this government, or opposes the war in Iraq. Far from it. I just think the man was taking legitimate protest too far. Some would disagree, and fair play to them.

More importantly though, he attracted some support from the 'soldiers are baby killers' faction so I'm not too keen to side with him - even against Tony and company.
So while protesting against the globalization of the processed cheese industry, I finally get my regulation sized placard. After a discussion with PC Gripper, the placard size was reduced to A4 and bold and italics were prohibited. I was also not allowed to use red or cyan as this contravenes an ancient traffic law from 1875, to do with the advertising of roadside brothels.

I shout my anti globalization message to all and sundry but I am not heard as my tannoy has had the batteries taken as this contravenes public performance laws. I am allowed a tannoy but no batteries. After a quick visit to Boots to stock up on throat sweets I continue to shout my message but due to traffic noise, the only one who hears my message is PC Gripper who is watching me like a hawk and some pigeons who care nothing about cheese anyway.

So on the advice of PC Gripper, I sneak away having made no impression on the impact of globalization on the processed cheese industry and PC Gripper goes back to the station for some Dairy Lea on toast. At least somebody was listening. I write to my MP and he throws the letter in the bin as he is a part-time consultant for Kraft Foods and they are the global leaders in the processed cheese industry. I even go to the House of Lords but Lord Kraft is also uninterested.

So I write to Cherie Blair.
Can't think why I didn't think of it before.
I remember, I saw the Laughing Cow advert.
Still waiting for an answer though.
I wonder if the Tories might invite the lone protester back and reverse the anti-democratic process that got rid of him? It's doubtful, given that they've remained eerily quiet on the subject. I therefore reckon it's safe to assume that those who have posted party political invective on this subject will either have to level the same protests if and when we there's a Prime Minister Cameron - or eat a large portion of the pie that is, when all's said and done, humble.
Unfortunatley packing quarter and trying to find copy of "Animal Farm" - However the more I read about this and "1984". The more I think about developing Tuberculosis and croaking!!!


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