Last Out?

With the greatest respects to the RGJ and their forbears I don't really believe that the banner outside this forum is really correct. While they certainly were the first soldiers back in the hours before DDay they certainly weren't the last out of France - at Calais or anywhere else. In fact the pioneers were still in France after they had gone!

Everyone seems to think that Dunkirk was the end in France. We actually sent more troops (Canadian and Lowland Scots) in afterwards to help the French (who were far from defeated) fight it out. Eventually the position was untenable and an orderly withdrawal at Cherbourg was conducted - with lots of heavy equipment recovered.

Ah well, looks like 'the black mafia' are rewriting history as well now!
If you had bothered to read the website you would know that the 'Last Out' bit refers to the last brigade (30 Bde under Nicholson) to leave the UK in 1940 bound for France. :roll:
I thought "Last Out" alluded to Calais 23rd May 1940. 2nd BEF were last into and out of France in mid June (well after Calais, St Valery and Dunkirk) intended to establish a bridge-head to support the French though was aborted on their surrender. 52 Lowland Division referred to their trip to France as part of 2BEF as the Cook's Tour.

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