Last Orders on the Rhine

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jacques_Bustard, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. Interesting piece although he missed out any mention of 'other' local facilities.... doesn't the lap-dancing place and brothel in Paderborn shut down for block leave to coincide with the soldiers' leave? It would no doubt close completely if the base shut. Must be an equivalent for Osnabruck.

    Loved this quote:

    Aah.. Jenny was obviously struck by cupid's arrow. Not.
  2. I did a tour in Osnabruck in the 1960s in the mech role. The locals were distinctly unfriendly. I was there again, thankfully in the light role, in 1980, the locals then tolerated us, their attitude mirroring that of the current Mayor Hans-Jurgen Fip (at least judging by his comments). Osnabruckers lacked the warmth and spontaneity of the Berliners (now there was a posting!) who really enjoyed having the British army in their midst.

    Oh! and I never ever heard soldiers singing 'Nellie the elephant' anywhere, not even when drunk!