Last of the Mohicans no more

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by steven seagull, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Sad news. I was aware he spoke out on Native American issues but didn't know about the Wounded Knee takeover of '73.

    I'll always remember him slaughtering his way to the main guy and giving him the good news with that war club in the film.
  2. I saw Russel Means,in a documentary,about a year ago.

    He had just come away from a Congressional Hearing,regarding Native American rights,specifically Sioux land rights in the Black Hills,he came across as,a very passionate,and eloquent speaker.

    He talked about 'The Last of the Mohicans',and explained that,he only agreed to do it after,reading the script,and seeing the sympathetic treatment of the Native American characters in the film.

    On meeting the cast,he said he was impressed with Daniel Day Lewis,and made another ally in Wes Studie,who joined Means,in his fight for Native American rights in the U.S.,after the film was finished.
  3. A post from the linky ...

    " Go in peace brother and take your place with the rest of the elders "

    Only knew of him because of one film ... he did not seem to act but actually lived the part of Chingachgook
  4. As a kid my school class took the NBC tour in NYC during 73 and they gave us Pictures from the news division and I got one of an Indian holding a AK47 (real select fire machined receiver) overhead.

    America's History in the Making — Resource Archive

    I thought for sure it was Means but just checked and it isn't. Great actor, but even last month declared 5 US States free and now Indian governed. Guess that didn't work out again for him.
    Russell Means - Lakota Declares its Sovereignty | Alternative

    Course Pop always called AIM, Assholes in Moccasins.