Last of the few Max Arthur 7/7/10


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As Most of you are aware PR totty myself and Cpl Arnhem attended The official launch of The last of the Few earlier in the week. Well we dont normally do auctions on the book club, but this is something special I have a copy of the book Signed by 7 surviving Spitfire and hurricane pilots who fought in the Battle between May and Sept 1940. The Book is also signed by Max arthur and Randolph spencer Churchill The Great Grandson of Winston Churchill. I quote Max when he spoke at the launch(if it had not been for the few of you who fought this battle. Britain would have fallen and the war would have been lost.
The reserve for this piece of History is £50.00
£70 and I'll stump up for postage and packaging as well.
It will fit into my book collection nicely - £100
£140...I am enjoying this!!!
Quick query. When you closing this cos I am off back to Uk for my daughters graduation next week and wont be back on this means until 14 Jul. If the closing date is after that I will of course keep going.If before that, well thats life!!
Thank you again for your bid, Ispeakcrabandpongo. :hug:

And be assured those to get a well deserved break will enjoy it even more. :)

As for the deadline, it will end on 7th of July, let's say 1800.

And congratulations to your daughter. :)

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