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Last of the Dambusters

Documentary on Channel 5 just now; they're following the career and life a WW2 Lanc Bomb-Aimer who did 50 missions over Ze Fatherland. Proper interesting stuff; I might just pop a tin of Carling later on.................
God it was interesting, the following night 18th May the Germans carried out a revenge raid on Cardiff, Guy Gibson lived in Penarth, my fathers first wife and two children were killed in the raid,
Yeah, I know what you mean Trop!

That said, did you think it was a bit right-wing when they gave him a chunk of his own Bomb-Aimer's sight...?? If he'd keeled over at that, it would have served them right!!!!

Joking aside, fair do's to the old lad.

Heard about a bloke, not 617 Dambuster Sqn who completed 60 sorties as a rear-gunner! If you know your history, he should have been dead after 5!!! Harry Irons is his name.....Big him up!

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