Last nights, Danny Dyers most deadly men....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by loggielad, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Dont really rate Danny Dyer as a presenter especially his copy cat show that seems to mirror Ross Kemp on gangs.

    But last night it featured ex para Nigel 'spud' Ely. He served at the time of the Warrenpoint incident and also the falklands before going SAS. He now does CP work.

    Anyone see it, or even serve with the geezer?...not disputing what he did, but came across as a bit waltish..alot of people have gone through similar experiences and dont go on these type of programmes..
  2. What was a bit waltish? Oh and a few who served with him post on here.

    Edited to add I never watched it
  3. Was not saying he was a walt, clearly he isnt. I had an uncle in 2 para who served the same time, knew him by sight. Just meant that normally tough men that go on here do it to big up their egos, and in spuds case he really doesnt need to.

    Danny Dyer really does put on his best cockney accent though, I worked in east London and live half an hour away from where he comes from, no one speaks like that!

    Also didnt realize this thread was created a few months ago, so apologies everyone!!
  4. Repeated last night.
    From what I saw and reading between the lines, I think he was using the program as a vehicle to advertise what i assume is his own CP business,
    In which case I would say it made good business sense and no doubt there was some give and take involved with the program makers.
    Also the way these programs are edited can make anyone look like whatever the producer wants them to look like.
    And Danny Dyer truly is a grade A c*ck.
  5. When's he doing an episode about str88bloke?
  6. Cant stand that feckin Danny Dyer cnut!! :x Would love to hit him repeatedly with a sledge hammer until he stopped putting on that feckin pathetic accent. :twisted:
  7. The west end shoot-out was slightly unlikely. He should even be carrying a firearm let alone blaze away in Mayfair. In daylight.
  8. Danny Dyer is the biggest cnut on tv. He's accent is well put on. And if you watch any of his programs he blows everything well out of proportion. 'I better keep me nut down'. He says that after every sentence. I say put Ross Kemp and Dyer in a ring together to see who gets the crown of 'presenter of hard men'. Give Dyer some boxing gloves and Kemp a gun, hopefully his time in the SAS comes back to him and he blows Dyers brains out.
  9. Don't think Dyer's ever been beaten up by his wife though. Disappearing now as i remember the last time i critisied Kemp :roll:
  10. I m not sure even henno could locate dyers brains without the aid of an electron microscope :twisted:

    the man is such a twat and anybody who thinks he's cool should just be culled along with the majority of his "deadliest men" chav like gangsters and some protestant paramilitary's murdering random Catholics how hard is that :roll:
    hope spud got well paid for his participation in that dire series
  11. These programmes are pish. Every episode sees Danny Dyer schzmoozing up to some roid munching debt collector,gorrila doormen,etc.
    One episode follows Bradley Welsh,one of the "most respected" men in Scotland..............yet another ex football hooligan that Dyer seems to idolise so much.
    The reality being however,he's just another thug that bullied and terrorized Edinburgh mob handed in the late 80s and early 90s.
  12. If he wants real hard men he should go to afghanistan on the front line, They have bigger nads than the tw@ts that run around with plastic accents and an evil stare, then again judging by the comments about him on here i dont think he'll be welcomed with open arms
    Edited for mong spelling
  13. At least Ross Kemp has been to Afghan in the prescence of some real hard men - most of whom don't mince round town centres 'givin' it large' :x
  14. Some of these men are meant to be really tough.

    But being serious, I wonder how many of these 'tough' blokes would actually go to Afghanistan and go on the front line....not many I bet...( apart from spud)..

    Alot of these guys are just thugs,or some cases terroists, who think they are hard, like that these classic football hooligans and the like..

    And for the record, I dont think Danny Dyer would get himself attached to an infantry battalion and spend weeks on the front line. Ross Kemp proved he has got balls and I do have some respect for him.