Last night .....

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Bad CO, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Just the usual crowd round the bar .....

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  2. I found a strap-on and am trying to organise a gang bang.....



    Sureal. A load of weirdos riding sheep naked whilst a load of nukes fizz in the back ground.
  3. And tonight, flashy explodes on the dancefloor in a "blue flash" - how appropriate :D

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  4. An entertaining evening. I think I took the sharking first blood by getting a "barely legal" prozzie back to the island, sadly she (or more probably he) was a tad dull so we shot her.

    Undoubtedly, romeo deserves the snatch prize for the introduction of Isobella. A wonderful naked hussy who delighted in showing off her bits and didn't mind one bit when we took turns shooting her and blowing her up with our Jihadi vests.

    Excellent sport! Romeo, if you have the pics please post them.
  5. That was soooo funny last night. I was crying with laughter.
    She had no qualms about frigging herself off with Sniper Bob holding a rifle to her head !!
    Isobella was indeed a good sport. Think we may have to get her to Invite some of her mates over for a bit of a do.

    'Wales' seems to be the best place for sharking....Full of shameless women...

  6. I can indeed confirm this, it hoofed me..... or was that the ugly burd barrier I couldn't get through?

    Saint Beebs x
  7. I'm gutted. Having souped up my PC as much as possible I tried to log on last night and it's STILL not up to it. I seem to be missing a lot of fun.

    Can I really justify a new desktop just to mess about in SL when I ought to be doing MK2?

  8. I'd suggest doing whatever anyone else doing MK2 does, get one of your mates to "invigilate" your online exams, and get on with the simpler pleasures in life.

    If you let me know the specs of your machine, and the make/model of your graphics card, i will try and locate where the problem lies.
  9. Well people, I had some snapshots she still wants to talk after countless times of sucide bombs. I need to change them to JPG will post them up!
  10. Here they are:

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  11. Another one :

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