last night

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by snowboardmic, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. last night, in a pre warm up for st patricks day i chatted up a 54 year old mother of two in an irish pub...she was lovely and said her ex husband was a selous scout...i neglected to get her phone number! Shall i call walt or pursue this matter?
  2. I say go for it. The worst that could happen is you'll get killed and eaten if he's for real.

  3. Why? Is it going to impact on your life? The fact that a bint actually knew about the Selous Scouts is pretty good going in itself, so I'd leave it.
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  4. they look quite mean..i'm getting on the bus to said city and i'm going to take her punish her for marrying a white bigot..thanks for the advice BTW but my heart is in it...i can hear the sash playing right we fucking go...RIOT
  5. What Joker62 said!
  6. So, some bint who you could of had all nighters with mentions a rather hard bunch of soldiers and you jib out.

    I call man walt on you.

    You big fucking jesse.
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  7. Oh dear.
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  8. Go for it yer feckin' eedjit.

    Guinness and double Jamesons all round.
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  9. oh right.. i get your point of view...i'm doing my best to rectify the situation, i will report you called me a walt i have no choice
  10. why arent you bootin her hoop in now ya marmite farmer
  11. FFS, she has two kids so you KNOW she fucks and you didn't get her number?

    Are you a homosexualist?
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  12. at that age milfs go even better as they worry it could be their last shag!
    you should be balls deep by now if you had got her number last night.
    a box of chocs, some flowers & your in!!!
  13. Real men with Real Rifles. :)
  14. You're more interested about whether her ex was really a Selous Scout over boning the shit out of her?

    Get a fucking life you queer.

  15. And lovely shorts!