Last Night of the Proms! Standby!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by BoomShackerLacker, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Brilliant Last Night on at the moment... like the Hoovers Sir David Attenborough on the Bumper... that red dress ^^
  2. Always the tv highlight of the year reminds me of proms parties in the pads in Germany. Got to be such a tradition that we had more boxheads than Brits some years.
  3. The presenter in the black dress was quite fanciable... :D

  4. Bugger, busy doing other things. My life's ambition is to be present at a last night at the proms. Some years ago I went to Salamis in Cyprus where BFBS put on an evening of classical music in the amphitheatre there. Wonderful!
  5. So are you, you little minx.

    Oops - wrong thread :lol: 8)

    Dale, aged 7 and 3/4.
  6. They used to do the same thing at Kourion too. Listened to the RCT band there also - experiences never to be forgotten - never mind any of these new theatres, they knew how to do it then.
  7. They missed the sea shantys, but otherwise very good, the conductor was a cracking sport.
  8. Got a bit smoky there for awhile; thought David Robertson spoke brilliantly and he can visit again anytime! It clearly meant a great deal to him personally...
  9. that, as usual, was brill but did I miss Jerusalem??
  10. You must have done - I heard it. My son (who joins up in January) confessed that he didn't know the words to Pomp And Circumstance. :roll:

    He now has homework to do...
  11. A few John Redwood moments with the NA second verse in the audience...
  12. Fabulous, as ever! I completely agree with BSL about David Robertson - he was great and very well received by the Promenaders.

    Whilst watching and listening to the brilliant Alison Balsom's fantastic performance in the first half I thought that if any ARRSE males were watching they'd be more interested in how her embouchure could pleasure them than the exquisite notes it was making her trumpet produce. Certainly the Leader of the orchestra appeared to be having some dreamy thoughts, given the smile on his face as he gazed at her throughout her cadenza!

  13. It's alright, Dale, you can follow me to the end of the Proms; as long as you have my (4) babies!

    Lits :D
  14. Cadenza? Is that what one calls it, Dozy? :D

    I must be ill-educated as I had other thoughts on my mind!

    Lits :D
  15. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Mmmmmmmmm. Circular breathing :D