Last Night My TA Mojo Died.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by LordVonHarley, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. My TA Mojo has been very ill over the last year and a half. Lapsing into a coma at the begining of the year, only staying alive via a LSU.
    Last night a cleaner must have unplugged it to do the hoovering as this morning I have no TA Mojo left.


    I'm not the only one in the Unit with Mojo issues, are ALL TA Units having issues with Mojo rations?
  2. I'm sorry to hear about this, however, my mojo is also slipping. May I ask how long you have been in the TA? I am finding it is those who have been in 10 years +, done (at least one) tour, and are in "middle management", ie sgts, ssgts, who are suffering from this. Personally, I am looking at a change of capbadge to help restore mine.
  3. Most likely yes, sadly there's little that can be done as our Lord and masters in the MOD think that by scraping by on 27 MTDs we can remain well trained and effective. Being the cynic I am, I'm guessing those in the Army who tried to cut 20 million from our budget last year whom were eventually rebuffed by the media and public outcry are getting their own back on us STAB upstarts who dared to challenge their cuts. But then again I am a terrible cynic.
  4. My Mojo is fine, I have an empty garage and no kit to maintain..........

    Oh wait :evil:
  5. No cynic, simply a clairvoyant.

    This is all part of the plan to focus allegedly* scarce resource onto those that are willing to deploy, hoping that the rest will get used to the srcaps from the table, and keep the infrastructure bumping along. As for the £20m - possibly our biggest ever 'own goal'.

    [*Allegedly: Relatively miniscule cost of the TA as compared to Regular waste on epic proportions.]
  6. Bet they can't wait to get a whining fairy on board, who in his previous unit should have made more of an effort to get things moving.

  7. My TA Mojo is hanging on. I am however looking at options, change capbadge, change units............whatever.

    I am already concerned about my sons, who has recently joined the TA, and the other young soldiers in my unit.

    Dead keen like many of his age, he has done TSC(A) is now at Pirbright on TSC(B) and will soon join a unit with bugger all on the training programme.

    A number of young (campared to me that is) and very promising soldiers in my unit waited a long time to join the TA and start training. Their training then comes thick and fast only to halt on joining the unit.

    Great for moral and retention.

    Is the top level management gutless or just thick?

  8. The cap badge/role change only gets you so far. As indeed does the interesting variety of interactions with emergency services, local government etc. which are laid out before like a rich MACP smorgasbord!

    If you had a career and now you don't...

    If you had a unit but now you don't...

    If you had a clear, defined and pretty firm role and now you don't...

    If you used to be able to mentor and develop younger TA soldiers but can't...

    If you used to be able to amass experience and training but can't...

    If you are all toured up and resist future trawls in favour of your current main effort - civvy straBe...

    Then to have any form of TA mojo left at all is a miracle and should be discusssed on either the "Are you religious" thread or the coming soon to a forum near you the "Halle-fcuking-lujah, another b4stard great miracle!" one.
  9. Thanks for your insightful look into my life and unit. FYI, it is not the unit or the people in my unit who make it depressing, it is the Corps leaders who have changed our role 4 times in 6 years, so no-one really knows how to train as it keeps changing.
    Although we have healthy recruiting just as many are disillusioned as they are not doing what they were expecting to do and are transferring out.
    Surely you can see that it is better to have someone with experience of some sort but who is still willing than to have someone just turning up and unhappy with their situation? I take it then you have never changed jobs in civvy street for a better one?
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Sorry, I disagree. A change of capbadge restored my mojo.

  11. Couldn't you find a D.J. to save it?
  12. Did you get a group punishment?
  13. Neither.

    Selfish, self seeking, naive. We should be working together not poking each other with different length sticks.
  14. Neither gutless or thick. I think there are three issues here...

    First, basic and trade training are very intensive by nature, its always going to feel like some sort of 'come down' when they join a unit.

    Second issue is down to managment and MTD limits in the production of the Trg Programme. There will always be a degree of repetition because its necessary, some things need to be done more than once per year, and even more so when you consider not every person can attend all events. However, whats left over (if there is any) doesn't always mesh with overall planning (i.e. build up training to future exercises).

    The third issue is implementing the training itself, thats down to J/SNCOs. Its all good and well whacking BCDT or CBRN or whatever on the Trg Programme, but the instructors are needed to deliver that. At the moment we're short of instructors, we're having to coax the more senior soldiers and JNCO's to go on courses... if we can get them on them, places on some are like rocking horse shite.